Top 50 Prospects: 11-20 is proud to bring you our mid-season update of the Top 50 Prospects in the Phillies organization. Keep in mind that it's difficult to judge players who were just drafted this past June, but we've done our best. We have not included any players who have not yet signed with the Phillies, such as fourth round pick Michael Bourn. We have included second baseman Tim Moss, who just signed after being selected in the third round of this year's draft.

11. Zach Segovia, P - Segovia wasn't dominating the South Atlantic League (1-5, 4.10), but was pitching well enough to earn his keep. Unfortunately, an injury derailed Segovia's season and he went to the Gulf Coast League to rehab. That hasn't gone well and Segovia may be done for the season after developing some more pain in his elbow. The Phillies are being cautious with Segovia and won't push him for the rest of the season.

12. Martire Franco, P - Franco is one of the guys that the Phillies might want to consider moving down a level or two. Even with all of his talent, injuries have made it tough for Franco to excel and he is struggling at AA Reading. He still has a lot of talent and the Phillies believe that once he fully recovers from injuries, he'll be back on track.

13. Travis Chapman, 3B - The Phillies had actually lost Chapman to the Indians and then the Tigers in the Rule 5 Draft last December. It's amazing that neither of those organizations could find a way to keep Chapman on the roster for a full season to have him in the organization. He's a tough player with decent major league potential.

14. Bobby Korecky, P - The Phillies don't have many closer of the future types, but Korecky is one of them. He still needs some work, but Korecky has the mentality and toughness to close and the Phillies like his chances of developing quickly.

15. Jorge Padilla, OF - The Phillies had Padilla repeat AA and it was tough for the youngster to swallow. Then, some injuries hit and just when it looked like Padilla would have one of those lost seasons, he started turning things around. The Phillies would like to see more power out of Padilla – he has just two homeruns this season – but he's hitting .295, which is a major accomplishment after his slow start.

16. Juan Sosa, SS/OF - The Phillies aren't sure if they like Sosa at short or in the outfield. He's got the talent to play either, although his range isn't the greatest at short, he's gotten much better. Sosa isn't setting the world on fire, but the Phillies believe he could be a decent major league utility player along the lines of Tomas Perez, and might possibly be an everyday player at the major league level. Sosa has actually played in the majors with Arizona and Colorado, but is still just 28 and could get another look with the Phillies.

17. Andy Machado, SS - It took nearly half the season, but Machado got over the fact that the Phillies didn't move him to AAA Scranton to start the season. Early on, Machado was sulking and then got hurt. Like Padilla, he has turned things around and is back on track. Machado has upped his average to .224, but his OBP is .374, thanks to 73 walks. Unfortunately, he's also struck out 82 times this season. Machado's greatest asset is his speed; He's swiped 33 bases this season.

18. Terry Jones, 3B - Talk about lost seasons; Jones was off to a horrible start to the season, but very quickly turned things around to get back to respectability. He's hitting .232 for Lakewood with 8 homeruns. The Phillies have toyed with the idea of moving Jones to shortstop, but haven't made the move, yet.

19. Nick Punto, SS - Since he hasn't gotten to really show what he can do at the major league level over a long span, Punto is still on our list of prospects. He has major league ability and has learned to play multiple positions to increase his value. His recent playing time may be somewhat of an audition for teams that are looking for young infield help.

20. Jake Blalock, OF/3B - We all saw what his older brother did in the All-Star Game. A lot of scouts believe that Jake has more raw talent than Hank Blalock and the Phillies are among them. The Phillies drafted Blalock in the 2002 Draft and have him at Batavia, where he leads the team with 3 homeruns in the early going.

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