Reading Phillies set for name change

For 46 years, the baseball team in Reading, Pennsylvania has been known as the "Phillies", celebrating their relationship with their parent club. Now, the name will be changed as part of a re-branding.

What's in a name?

Well, what won't be in the name of the AA baseball team in Reading is the word "Phillies", which will be dropped in favor of a new name. The official announcement and change will come on November 17th when the team unveils the new name and uniforms.

The Phillies and the Reading baseball team have shared an affiliation for 47 years, the longest in baseball. But after a long time and changes in minor league baseball branding, the franchise will be taking on a new identity.

The unveiling will be part of a holiday celebration that will feature music, Santa Claus and even a yard sale prior to the official announcement and the "fashion show" of the new uniforms. Members of the Reading front office and team will participate in Reading's Holiday Parade, which will wind up at FirstEnergy Stadium. The parade is being labeled as the "Last March of the Reading Phillies."

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