What Ben Revere adds to the Phillies

It's only fitting that a guy with the patriotic last name of Revere would wind up playing in Philadelphia. The Phillies gave up a lot to get Revere, so the expectations will be high for the new center fielder. Here's what to expect from the newest Phillie.

The good news on Ben Revere is that some believe he is a younger Michael Bourn and possibly, even better. It also doesn't hurt that he isn't yet arbitration eligible, so he comes with a low contract price and will be under team control through 2017.

It's possible that Revere signals two things for the Phillies. First, the start of focusing on younger players who will be here long past the Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins types who are aging and starting to show it. Second, it means that there is still money left for the Phillies to pursue a pricier outfielder through free agency or another trade.

Revere has played all or part of three seasons in Minnesota and has a career line of .278/.319/.322, which isn't overly impressive. Consider though that 2012 may have been a breakout season for Revere, who hit .294 with the Twins and stole 40 bases in 49 attempts. Revere also had a career-high on-base percentage of .333, so the numbers are trending upward, to say the least.

There isn't any power in Revere's bat, because that's not the type of game that he plays. Revere bases his game on speed. Not only does he have enough speed to steal bases, Revere is good at stealing bases. Revere has an 80% success rate in his major league career stealing bases.

Defensively, Revere has slightly above average range and is actually a little below the major league average for his career. Again, the news is getting better though, because he made no errors in 2012, showed improving range and had eight outfield assists.

One big question; where does Revere bat?

Charlie Manuel has been reluctant to move Jimmy Rollins out of the leadoff spot. You might think Revere would make that a tougher decision, but look at the numbers. Revere actually excels as a number two hitter, batting .305 out of the second spot compared to .259 as a leadoff hitter. And when you take Revere's first at-bat of the game out of the scenario, he is only a .241 hitter, all based on last year's numbers. It's interesting that when Revere was the leadoff hitter in a game (.323) or even leading off an inning (.288) he was productive. Overall as a leadoff hitter though, his numbers dropped.

As for what the Phillies gave up to get Revere, they gave up a lot. Vance Worley has been a solid pitcher at the major league level and Trevor May was the top prospect in the organization a year ago. Truth is though that both have holes in their games.

Worley has pitched just under two full seasons in the majors, but has yet to throw more than 131 innings in a season. In 2012, he was shut down for elbow surgery and while reports are good, he hasn't pitched since the injury.

As for May, while he was the top prospect a season ago, he really struggled in his first season at Double-A in 2012.

Both Worley and May have a lot of potential and it's very possible that Worley will return to top form and go on to pitch a lot of innings for Minnesota. It's also very possible that May simply needs more time at Double-A to adjust to the better hitting at that level and once he does, he too will return to form.

Bottom line though is that the Phillies were desperate for outfielders and getting Ben Revere is a nice addition. He's just 24 - he turns 25 next May - is cheap and has a long time for the Phillies to control his destiny.

Ben Revere may well be the player that signals a change in Phillies philosophy and the start of a movement toward shaping the team into a much younger version of itself.

Ben Revere's career stats

2010 Minnesota 13 28 1 5 0 0 0 2 0 1 2 5 .179 .233 .179 .412
2011 Minnesota 117 450 56 120 9 5 0 30 34 9 26 41 .267 .310 .309 .619
2012 Minnesota 124 511 70 150 13 6 0 32 40 9 29 54 .294 .333 .342 .675
3 Years 254 989 127 275 22 11 0 64 74 19 57 100 .278 .319 .323 .642
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