Phillies Prospect #25: Kenny Giles

Kenny Giles already has a big-time fastball, but he is still looking for a secondary pitch to become strong enough for him to dominate. The right-hander has the potential to be a candidate for the title of Closer of the Future when he puts it all together.

Kenny Giles

Position: Relief Pitcher
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Birthday/Age: September 20,1990 (22)
Ht/Wt: 6' 2", 190 pounds

How he became a Phillie: Drafted by the Phillies in the 7th round of the 2011 Draft. Was also drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 4th round of the 2009 Draft, but did not sign.

Repertoire: Fastball, Slider, Split-Finger

Scouting Report: Giles is the prototypical fire-baller with a fastball that is already in the mid-to-upper 90s on a consistent basis. He's reached 100 mph on a couple occasions, but the Phillies aren't pushing him to develop any more velocity at this point. Instead, they're pushing him to develop his secondary pitcher and gain control and movement on his fastball. Like a lot of young pitchers, Giles can get enamored with just throwing hard and when he does, his fastball becomes flat and hittable. His slider and split-finger are secondary pitches and right now, they're below average, because he lacks consistency with them and doesn't get as much movement as he needs for them to truly be an out-pitch.

In college, Giles had some injury issues, but doesn't have any lingering effects and hasn't had any issues since being drafted by the Phillies, so that appears to be in the past.

Ceiling: Something has to break for Giles. Either he needs to develop pinpoint control of his fastball and get good movement on it with consistency, or he needs a second pitch to keep hitters off-balance. There's no denying that his control has certainly improved and just in 2012, he walked 5.9 hitters per nine innings at Lakewood, but then dropped that to 3.7 in his time with Lakewood, which was only ten games, but it's a start. His slider and split are still both works in progress and right now, the slider is a bit better pitch for him. If he can put everything together, he has the chance to be a dominating back of the bullpen pitcher and probably closer material, since he has the mental makeup to handle that role.

ETA: Right now, it looks like Giles has too much to work on to push him to Double-A to start the season, but reaching Reading in 2013 certainly isn't out of the question. Instead, Giles figures to be back at High-A Clearwater and jump a level perhaps around mid-season. Once it all comes together for him - and it likely will - he'll move quickly, so joining the Phillies bullpen at some point during the 2014 season isn't out of the question, but it likely won't be to start the season.

Kenny Giles' career minor league stats

2011 GCL Phillies 1 1 5.79 3 0 4.2 6 4 3 1 3 7 1.929 11.6 1.9 2.33
2012 Lakewood 3 3 3.61 29 5 67.1 54 30 27 5 44 86 1.455 7.2 0.7 1.95
2012 Clearwater 1 0 3.07 10 3 14.2 10 5 5 1 6 25 1.091 6.1 0.6 4.17
2012 2 Teams 4 3 3.51 39 8 82.0 64 35 32 6 50 111 1.390 7.0 0.7 2.22
2 Seasons 5 4 3.63 42 8 86.2 70 39 35 7 53 118 1.419 7.3 0.7 2.23
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Video of Giles pitching for Lakewood in 2012

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