Scouting Phils Prospect #12: Carlos Tocci

The Phillies knew they had Carlos Tocci signed to a deal, but had to wait until he turned 16 to make it official. Now, at 17, Tocci is already in the states and ready to move through the system.

Carlos Tocci

Position: Centerfielder
Bats/Throws: Right / Right
Birthday/Age: August 23, 1995 (17)
Ht/Wt: 6' 2", 160 pounds

How he became a Phillie: Signed as an international free agent in August, 2011.

Defense: Even though he's very young, scouts have been watching Tocci for a few years and many of them were drawn to him by his defensive skills. Tocci combines natural instincts with a lot of speed to get to balls in the gaps, seemingly without effort. His arm is strong and accurate and he puts himself in good position to throw after the catch. In other words, there's not a lot to do with Tocci when it comes to the defensive side of the game.

Scouting Report: The Phillies basically had Tocci in their back pocket, but had to wait until he turned 16 to sign him and once he turned 16, they quickly put a deal in front of him and got his autograph on it. If you look at how the Phillies have handled Tocci, it tells you a lot about his potential. Instead of having him play in his native Venezuela for at least a season or two, they immediately brought him to the states for work in the Florida Instructional League and then kept him here for the 2012 season. As expected, the Phillies kept him in extended spring training until the Gulf Coast League season started and then sent him to the GCL to start his professional career. 

Tocci has the potential to be well above average offensively, but power-wise, only projects to have average power, at best. Where he'll excel is in getting on base and taking advantage of his speed. In the GCL, Tocci showed good plate discipline, but occasionally tried to do too much with pitches and got himself behind in the count. He'll learn to change his approach at the plate and will put his discipline to work for himself. Even with just a .330 on-base percentage, Tocci was successful on nine of 11 attempts at stealing bases, so his speed and the ability to put it to good use will be a big part of his game.

The bottom line is that there are few players in the Phillies organization with the raw talents and potential that Tocci has and it's just a matter of time and some good, old-fashioned hard work before he puts things together and moves through the system.

Ceiling: Tocci has the ability to be an all-star caliber centerfielder, but keep in mind that he is only 17 and a lot can happen; both good and bad. You always have to keep your optimism in check with young players, but if you're going to pin a lot of hopes on one young player, Tocci would be a good bet.

ETA: There's no way of knowing how quickly Tocci might be able to move through the system. Let's just leave it with the understanding that he's a long way from even having any sort of audition in Philadelphia. The good news is that he is very young and could move relatively quickly, so the Phillies should be able to get him to the majors at a young age and hopefully, have a lot of baseball to enjoy out of the young player.

Carlos Tocci's career stats

2012 GCL Phillies 38 97 13 27 2 0 0 9 9 2 6 18 .278 .330 .299
1 Season 38 97 13 27 2 0 0 9 9 2 6 18 .278 .330 .299
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