Scouting Phils Prospect #2: Roman Quinn

Roman Quinn has had a lot to learn since being drafted by the Phillies with the 66th overall pick in the 2011 Draft. All indications though are that he's a hard worker, quick learner and the best position player prospect in the Phillies system.

Roman Quinn

Position: Shortstop
Bats/Throws: Both / Right
Birthday/Age: May 14, 1993 (19)
Ht/Wt: 5' 10", 170 pounds

How he became a Phillie: Drafted by the Phillies in the second round - 66th overall pick - in the 2011 Draft out of Port St. Joe HS (Florida).

Defense: We'll talk more about Quinn's speed in a bit, but for defensive purposes, his speed allows him to get to balls that other shortstops simply wouldn't be able to get to in order to make a play. As for his arm, it's average and he tends to lose some accuracy here and there. While he gets to a lot of balls, the truth is that Quinn's defense is shaky. His 27 errors at Williamsport dropped his fielding percentage to a paltry .911 in his first pro season, but you do have to contribute at least some of the issue to questionable infields in the New York - Penn League. You also have to realize that Quinn is still learning to play shortstop, having played some at the position in high school, but spending most of his time as an outfielder. Having said that, there is no denying that Quinn definitely needs more work defensively, but at just 19 years of age, he's got time to develop more skills. As a fallback, he could be shifted over to second base or possibly to center field down the road.

Roman Quinn's league comparisons

AVG .244 .281
OBP .318 .370
SLG .345 .408
PA/HR 89.2 309.0
PA/RBI 10.2 13.4
PA/R 8.9 5.5
K/BB 2.3 2.2
PA/GIDP 55.5 309.0

Scouting Report: Now for that speed. There are some scouts that believe Quinn has the best raw speed in the minors, even better than stolen base record holder Billy Hamilton. As a result of considering whether to take a scholarship to Florida State or go pro, Quinn signed late and didn't play in 2011, which is unfortunate, because it could have done him some good. He made his pro debut last season and put up good numbers, hitting .281 with 30 stolen bases in 36 attempts, leading the New York - Penn League in stolen bases. When you look at his offensive numbers, keep in mind that Quinn is a natural right-handed hitter, who just picked up learning to switch-hit in his senior season of high school ball, which explains the difference between his .256 average against right-handers and his .347 average against left-handed pitching. When he starts to pick up more at-bats against righties, his numbers are likely to go up. One encouraging sign is that even though he's still learning to hit from the left side of the plate, his overall strikeout rate was still right around the league average, showing that he can at least put the bat on the ball.

Quinn has slight power now, but may develop slightly more power as he continues to develop physically and continues to learn the art of hitting. That's not to say that he's ever going to be a great power hitter, but he could well become a guy who can hit 10-12 home runs at the major league level.

The bottom line is that if Quinn continues to hit, his speed will just amplify what he does for a team offensively. Defensively, he's likely to progress and the Phillies insist that they are going to keep him at shortstop and give him every chance to play the position.

What they're saying: Phillies director of player development, Joe Jordan: "Roman has had to work especially hard, because he's still pretty new at shortstop and he's also learning how to switch-hit. Having to pick up those two skills, plus make all of the usual adjustments that a young player has to make when they're drafted, Quinn's progress is nothing short of remarkable. He's done everything we could ask of him and more."

Ceiling: A lot depends on how his offensive numbers as a left-handed hitter come along. He's a talented kid who works hard and is showing progress at the plate from the left side, so it figures that he should be able to become a talented switch-hitting infielder. If all falls right, Quinn is an all-star caliber type player down the road.

ETA: This season will be Quinn's first in a full-season league and will tell a lot about how quickly he'll be able to move through the season. We have to wait and see how he handles the better pitching, whether he can be stronger defensively and how he'll hold up over a longer grind. The Phillies are never afraid to jump a quality player up a level if they believe he's ready, so Quinn could move quickly depending on how things go this season. It's not even out of the question that with big numbers, Quinn could get a dose of Florida State League pitching by the end of the 2013 season. Odds are though that Quinn is at least three and possibly four years away from real consideration for a spot on the major league roster.

Roman Quinn's career stats

1 Season6626756759111233062861.281.370.408
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