Do the Phillies Have Any More Moves to Make?

At one point, it appeared that there may be a lot of moves that the Phillies would be making by the trade deadline. Obviously, the big move was trading Cole Hamels, but players like Jeff Francoeur, Carlos Ruiz and even Ryan Howard seemed destined to find new homes by the end of July.

UPDATE: Since this post, Ben Revere was traded to Toronto for two minor league pitchers.

There's no doubt that the Phillies have been big players in the trade deadline dealings. The eight player deal that sends Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman to the Texas Rangers is huge and provided the Phillies with some much needed young players who have bright hopes for the future. While Hamels was the biggest trading chip that the Phillies had, there are other players who figured to bring at least a mid-level prospect back in a deal, but all appears quiet, at least for now.

Jeff Francoeur has seen his name splattered around trade rumors and at one point, there were at least a couple of teams - the Angels and Pirates chief among them - that were interested in acquiring Francoeur from the Phillies. The Angels went on an outfielder shopping spree this week, acquiring three new outfielders, but none of them were named Jeff Francoeur. They figure to be done dealing for outfielders, so you can take them out of the running for Francoeur. Pittsburgh is still browsing, but time is running out.

One school of thought on Frenchy is that the Phillies may hang onto him, since he is a great clubhouse guy and he can be a great influence on young players. If that's the case, then it might make sense to sign him for at least one more season rather than letting him head into free agency after this season.

Ben Revere is another guy who has been asked about by other teams. He's definitely available. As with Francoeur, the Angels, who were hot on Revere's trail not long ago, are out. The Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets have sniffed around on Revere, but neither has bitten. The only team that is still showing some legitimate interest are the Seattle Mariners. Seattle needs some offense and Revere may be a good fit for them, if the price is right.

When the Phillies re-signed Erik Kratz a couple weeks ago, there was speculation that Carlos Ruiz may be dealt. There were even scenarios where he and Hamels would be packaged together, providing Cole with his own personal catcher. Obviously, that didn't happen and dealing Ruiz as a lone entity could prove to be very difficult. He's guaranteed $8.5-million next season and his skills are diminishing quickly. He's basically just a back-up catcher skills-wise, but with the money he's guaranteed, his cost is too high. The Phillies ate money even in dealing Hamels and it's likely they would do the same with Ruiz or any other players that they could deal.

While there are a lot of reasons for other teams not to trade for Ruiz, there are also reasons they may be interested. If the money can be made to work, he's still a decent defensive catcher who can chip in with a few hits here and there. He's also great at handling pitchers and has been through the postseason with the Phillies, which can be important.

Ryan Howard and Chase Utley - both of whom can veto any trade, because of 10-and-5 rights - were also trade chips that the Phillies would have liked to move. An injury to Utley takes him pretty much off the table for right now, but he could be dealt in an August waiver deal. The same can be said for Aaron Harang, who delivered a pretty strong outing against Atlanta in his return from the DL.

Howard is the elephant in the room. Over the offseason, there was absolutely no interest in Howard, even though the Phillies were reportedly ready, willing and able to eat a huge portion of his huge contract. He's shown himself to be healthy and has at least done an admirable job offensively. If the Phillies are still willing to chow down on that money, you'd have to figure an American League team that could use Howard as a DH would be interested. There's no news of teams being interested in Howard, so he may just be staying put in Philadelphia.

Whether or not the Phillies make any more moves remains to be seen, but don't expect any big prospects to be heading back to the Phillies if they do make a trade or two. Any other moves would bring just mid-level prospects and/or warm bodies to fill some holes. Hamels was the big splash and the early thoughts are that the Phillies made a good deal with the Rangers. It's possible that the trade deadline move with Hamels won't be accompanied by any other moves, so at least they did well on that one.

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