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Fall in Philly: Potential September Call-Ups

Major league rosters can expand up to 40 players on September 1st. The Phillies already have a lot of their young players on the 25-man roster, but there's always room for a couple more players to be added.

The first thought that teams give to adding players is at catcher. The Phillies have veteran Erik Kratz at Triple-A and he should be something of a lock to get a ticket to Philadelphia next month. Lehigh Valley also has two other catchers that might get a call - Gabriel Lino and Logan Moore - but it's likely that Kratz will be the guy. Lino hasn't hit a lot and has had some defensive struggles with Lehigh Valley. Moore might be second in line and the fact that he's not only had a strong season in the minors, but since the Phillies have to add him to the 40-man roster this offseason or risk losing him in the Rule 5 Draft, they might just bring him up now to get a little look at him.

The Phillies would like to continue seeing what Cameron Rupp can do, so they're likely not to cut into his playing time, but maybe Carlos Ruiz would wind up with even less time on the field.

Starter David Buchanan is an interesting topic. He struggled at the major league level and hasn't lit the International League on fire since his demotion, so it's possible that the Phillies don't bring him back. One question though; isn't it better to see what Buchanan might be able to do over the final month than to put Jerome Williams back into the planned six-man rotation? Severino Gonzalez is likely to not get a call. He's struggled a lot during his time in the majors and also hasn't been much to write about with Lehigh Valley. Joely Rodriquez is still on the 40-man roster, but not likely to be recalled. 

Outfielders Jordan Danks, who was up briefly with the Phillies, and Kelly Dugan are also on the 40-man roster. Dugan isn't likely to be recalled, but Danks could come up just to add a veteran guy to fill in here and there, but don't look for him to take away playing time from any of the young guys. Brian Bogusevic has had a pretty big season with Lehigh Valley, although he came back to Earth after the all-star break. If Danks doesn't get the call, it's possible that the Phillies would add Bogusevic to the 40-man roster and give him a look.

One interesting choice is Jesse Biddle, who joined Lehigh Valley half-way through the season. In all honesty, Biddle hasn't pitched well, but what about getting him a couple outings out of the bullpen? He's not a likely recall, unless the Phillies want to just get a look at him for a month.

Teams like to recall relievers, too, and Lord knows this bullpen could use some help.

Dalier Hinojosa will likely come up to Philly. The Phillies like his arm, but so far, he hasn't really been dominating, at least not to the point that they think he can be. He's on the 40-man roster, so that helps his case. Dustin McGowanJason Berken and Chris Leroux have all had some impressive moments with Lehigh Valley this season. McGowan might get the call, but it's a long shot to think Berken or Leroux will.

Infielders Chase D'Arnaud and Tyler Henson have had some decent runs this season with the Phillies. Some believe Henson was overlooked last season and would like to see him get the call this September. He's only hitting .252 with the IronPigs, but he can play second, third, left and right, so there's some versatility to him. d'Arnaud doesn't have that versatility, although he can play a couple of infield spots. He would be a longshot to get the call.

So, here's the best guess on who comes up: David Buchanan and Dalier Hinojosa are both on the 40-man roster. The Phillies have two open spots on the 40-man, with one likely going to Erik Kratz. The Phillies might want to add another infielder, putting d'Arnaud or Henson into play. I'll give the advantage to d'Arnaud for the spot. Finally, it's possible that the Phillies take a player like Danks off of the 40-man and go with Bogusevic for a September look.

Keep in mind that the minor league season ends on September 7 this season, so some of the moves might not be made until after that. It's also likely that the Phillies don't want to move anybody from Double-A to Triple-A, since the Reading Fightin Phils are likely going to be in the Eastern League Playoffs and they don't want to disrupt their run. It's also likely that nobody from Reading gets a call to the majors. Some believe catcher Andrew Knapp deserves a shot, but he's simply not ready. He also doesn't have to be protected in the Rule 5 Draft this winter, so there's no need to add him to the 40-man roster and start having to use options on him next Spring. Plus, if Reading plays deep into the playoffs, he wouldn't be available until late September, anyway.

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