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Phillies Prospects Aaron Altherr and Cord Sandberg were Awarded Minor League Gold Glove Awards.

Aaron Altherr, who spent time at both Double-A Reading and Triple-A Lehigh Valley in 2015, and Cord Sandberg, who played the full season at Lakewood, were honored with Minor League Gold Glove Awards. Both players showed impressive outfield play during their minor league seasons over the summer.

Aaron Altherr is showing some impressive skills in the Phillies outfield these days, but being an athletic outfielder is nothing new to Altherr. Those who saw him at both Reading and Lehigh Valley this season and throughout his minor league career, already know just how good of a defensive player that he is. Altherr is errorless in 73 chances at the major league level and went without committing an error in 279 chances in the minors this season. His last error came in a game with Reading on June 27, 2014 when he made both a fielding error and a throwing error in a game against Portland. Overall, Altherr has made 13 minor league errors in 990 chances for a .987 fielding percentage.

Cord Sandberg also has a career .987 fielding percentage in the minors, having made a total of four errors in 363 chances over three seasons. Ironically, Sandberg made a career-high four errors this season at Lakewood. The 20-year old has also collected 18 outfield assists in 178 defensive games in the minors, with a career-high 13 this season.

The only other Phillies prospect to win a Minor League Gold Glove since Rawlings and Minor League Baseball began giving out the award again in 2011 was second baseman Carlos Alonso, who won the award in 2013 when he played at Clearwater. The award was given out back in the 1960s and was known as the Rawlings Silver Glove Award, but the tradition was stopped and didn't return until 2011.

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