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Ruben Amaro Jr. is considering a bit of a career change to become a major league manager

Ruben Amaro Jr. staged a late rally with some strong trades in an attempt to save his job as the GM of the Phillies. The rally fell short and now, he's looking to return to the field as a major league manager.

Sometimes, people can reinvent themselves. That's apparently what former GM Ruben Amaro Jr. seems to be attempting to do. 

Well respected baseball writer Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported recently that Amaro is looking to return to baseball, possibly as a manager. One potential target could be the Miami Marlins, who are looking to hire a new manager. Marlins GM Dan Jennings took over the team last season when he fired Mike Redmond as the team's manager, but the process didn't go very well and Jennings retreated to the front office.

Cafardo tells the story this way:

Bob Lamonte, the premier agent for NFL coaches and executives, has taken on a new baseball assignment - remaking the former Phillies GM. Lamonte, who has remade the careers of NFL coaches such as John Fox, Andy Reid and Jack Del Rio, and transformed Jon Gruden from NFL coach to ESPN star, is now working with the 50-year old Amaro and trying to sell him as a GM or manager. Amaro, who spent most of his eight seasons with the Phillies as their GM, would like to manage, and with the Marlins breaking that barrier with Dan Jennings stepping down from the front office to the dugout this season, Amaro, a Stanford graduate, appears serious about the challenge. Amaro, a former utility player for four major league teams, could appeal to a team such as Miami, which may be looking for a connection with Latin players. Lamote is close to Tony LaRussa, Walt Jocketty and Pat Gillick, who all have endorsed Amaro pursuing a managing job.

While Jennings may have opened the door, his job as the Marlins manager wasn't at all successful. One obstacle was the fact that Jennings didn't have any previous experience as a manager and neither does Amaro. One thing that Amaro does have over Jennings is that he has at least been a player in the majors. So far, Amaro hasn't been identified as an official candidate for the job with Miami or any other major league teams. 

There has been a persistent rumor that Amaro could be a candidate to work in the Major League Baseball hierarchy. At one point, he was even on a list of potential candidates to replace commissioner Bud Selig after Selig announced he would be retiring. 

As Cafardo pointed out, Tony LaRussa is one key front office executive - and former major league manager - who has endorsed Amaro as a potential manager in the majors.

Ruben is a very smart baseball man. There's no doubt in my mind that he could be a very good major league manager. He's an ex-player, who understands the game.

Amaro has also been mentioned as a possible analyst for a TV network. One consideration was that he could take over the role formerly held by current Braves President of Baseball Operations John Hart, with the MLB Network. It has also been reported that Amaro might consider taking a year away from the game.

Whether or not Amaro finds work with Major League Baseball, a major league front office, as a major league manager or as an analyst, remains to be seen. Needless to say, he's casting a wide net in his quest for the future.

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