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Matt Klentak comes to Philadelphia with a plan for turning around the Phillies

The Phillies introduced new GM Matt Klentak at a press conference where he spelled out his plans for not only turning the Phillies around, but keeping them successful for a long time to come.

Matt Klentak came to Philadephia with a definite plan. Rather than talking about genaralities during his introduction to the Philadelphia media on Monday, he was more specific about how he would approach the turnaround. The newest member of the Phillies front office put together a list of five areas that he'll stress as general manager of the Phillies.

1. Discipline - "We want to understand who we are, who we want to be, and how we're going to get there. And once we set that road map, we need to be follow it and be disciplined in how we're going to follow it." 

2. Process - "In all areas of baseball operations, we will be connected. We will work together, we will have a process for everything that we do and we will not veer off course."

3. Information - "I know this is a very important one. We want to be the best at everything that we do. We want to have the best scouts in the field, we want to have the best coaches, we want to have the best players, and we will. We will use every form of technology and information available to us to be at the forefront of information in this industry. How we manage that will be the key. We want to take all of the information from all of the different people, put it together and marry that into our process. How we do that will determine our fate. If we have the best information, we will make the best decisions."

4. Culture - "One thing that I know is that we can't force culture, but what we can do, is we can build an environment that allows our players to succeed, to play loose, to play confidently, to be their best, and that is what we will do. We will create an environment that allows our players to get better and that allows the Philadelphia Phillies to win a lot of baseball games."

5. Winning - "Lastly, if we're successful in those four points, we will do a lot of winning. That's ultimately why we're here, we know it, you [the media] know it, the fans of Philadelphia know that. That is why we're here. I would not have left Mike Trout in his prime to come here if I didn't believe we could win, I promise you that."

Klentak came in saying all of the right things and even paid a quick salute to former GM Ruben Amaro Jr. for basically not leaving the place completely empty and void of prospects, thanks to in-season trades that returned some prospects to the Phillies organization. The truth is that Klentak has some good work experience and must have made an impression on MacPhail enough to hire him when he was running the Orioles and Klentak's work must have been good enough to impress MacPhail to hire him this time around in Philadelphia.

It will be interesting to see how Klentak approaches the offseason and how he implements these plans both in the short-term and long-term. 

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