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A new assistant GM and director of baseball operations are among the front office changes in Philly

Andy MacPhail and Matt Klentak took a couple more steps toward putting their mark on the Phillies front office today. Ned Rice officially joined the team as a GM and Scott Feldman took over as Director of Baseball Operations.

One theory had Andy MacPhail cleaning house not just on the field, but in the front office. Today, he didn't exactly clean the place, but he tidied up a little bit in an effort to put people he's more familiar with around him. Assistant GM Benny Looper was the only one swept out the door, with his place being taken by Ned Rice, who worked with both MacPhail and new GM Matt Klentak in the Baltimore organization. Rice's hiring had been rumored for a couple weeks, but was made official today. Looper, 67, will remain as an adviser for international operations.

Another move had Scott Feldman, who joined the organization as an analytics guru under Ruben Amaro Jr. step into the director of baseball operations position, working alongside MacPhail, the team president. Feldman came to the Phillies as a young analyst, but has developed into a well respected number cruncher, which fit the needs of the Phillies, who are looking to add to their use of baseball analytics, perfectly. Feldman came to the Phillies a little over two years ago after spending six years working in the commissioner's office.

Joining the analytics department will be Lewis Pollis, 23, who interned with both the Indians and Reds before coming to the Phillies. Pollis will serve as an analyst for baseball research and development.

Finally, outgoing team president Pat Gillick will also stay with the team in an adviser's role, serving as senior adviser to both MacPhail and Klentak. Gillick, 78, was intially thought to simply leave the team and go into retirement, until his name was mentioned as a possible GM for openings after last season, signaling a change in attitude. 

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