Phillies Stay Quiet As Trade Deadline Passes

The Phillies talked with the Pittsburgh Pirates among other teams, but when all was said and done, they were content to stay with the roster that they've got rather than making a deadline day deal. The Phillies were exploring moves to bring a fifth starter to Philadelphia, being especially interested in the Pirates Jeff Suppan.

There was almost a cross-state deal done between the Phillies and Pirates Thursday, but the Phillies wouldn't give the prospects that the Pirates ultimately wanted for Suppan. As the deadline hit, Suppan was headed to the Red Sox for minor league infielder Freddy Sanchez. The deal also was a bit of a reversal of a trade that sent Brandon Lyon to Pittsburgh and Scott Sauerbeck to the Red Sox. Lyon was found to be injured and the Pirates wanted compensation for the deal. Thursday, they sent Lyon back to Boston and took back minor league pitcher Mike Gonzalez who was also part of the previous deal.

As for the Phillies pursuit of Suppan, the chances of the two teams finishing off a deal went back and forth throughout the day. In the end, the Phillies were basically bidding against the Red Sox for Suppan. When Boston blinked and agreed to send Sanchez – their sixth highest rated prospect coming into the season – to Pittsburgh, the cost went above what the Phillies were willing to offer. Originally, the Red Sox had been telling teams that Sanchez was nearly untouchable.

The final shot for the Phillies came after the Red Sox had agreed to send Sanchez to Pittsburgh. Reportedly, David Littlefied, the Pirates GM talked to Ed Wade and told him that if the deal was going to go through, the Phillies would have to send minor league infielder Andy Machado to Pittsburgh. The Phillies didn't give the deal too much thought, since they felt that giving up Machado would be too high of a cost. The Pirates previously had asked for AAA pitcher Ryan Madson in the deal. The Phillies had offered minor league pitcher Keith Bucktrot, who was recently promoted to AA Reading, and also said they would consider including Eric Valent as part of the package.

For a while, it looked like the Phillies offer might stand. Ultimately though, the Red Sox had the edge, since they were already closing in on the deal to get Lyon back from Pittsburgh. When Littlefield told Boston GM Theo Epstein that the Phillies had made a strong offer, Epstein consented to include Sanchez in the deal.

Other than going after Suppan, the Phillies weren't close to making any other moves as the deadline approached. Wade had said that he didn't think the Phillies would make any moves other than the earlier one that they completed with Pittsburgh to bring Mike Williams to the Phillies.

Technically, deals can still be made, but the players involved would have to clear waivers before the deal could be completed. Actually, a lot of good players are likely to clear waivers over the next few days, clearing the way for possible deals. It's also possible that some players would be claimed on waivers and will move to other teams that way, since a number of teams are looking to simply get rid of big contracts.

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