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Rant Sports says that Mike Schmidt is the Phillies player hated by most fans around baseball

Rant Sports recently put together a list of players from each franchise who are the most hated players, some hated by their own fans and others by fans around baseball. The likes of Bryce Harper, Barry Bonds and Mike Hampton made the list, with Mike Schmidt representing the Phillies.

There's no denying that Mike Schmidt was a great player. He also came with a bit of an attitude and swagger, which Phillies fans generally accepted, although Schmidt and the Philadelphia fans had their share of misgivings as well - remember the infamous wig that Schmidt wore? Fans around baseball had a much tougher time embracing Schmidt, putting him on the Rant Sports list of the most hated players in baseball.

Rant Sports had the following to say about Schmidt in their online story.

Hated by: Opposing fans. Schmidt was one of the greatest power hitters of all-time and was probably the greatest Phillies player of all time (a title perhaps shared with Jimmie Foxx). Despite that talent, other fans in the National League really didn't like him. His intensity and fire got him into some scuffles on the field and, predictably, that didn't endear him to fans around the league. Most fans can recognize what a great talent he was, but those same fans hate his guts.

You can see the full list of the Most Hated Players in Baseball.

The list is a mixture of players hated by their fans of a particular team, like Josh Hamilton (Angels) and Mike Hampton (Rockies). Others, like Schmidt, are hated by fans around baseball. 

It would have been interesting to see who would have been chosen as the player most hated by Phillies fans. Would it have been a former Phillies player like Scott Rolen? A player like Bryce Harper or a near-Phillie like J.D. Drew? Harper may be the most hated right now. Fans have softened slightly on their hatred of Scott Rolen for his demand to be traded, but if J.D. Drew were to show his face in the City of Brotherly Love, he likely wouldn't find much brotherly love.

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