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PBI talked to scouts from four different teams to get their thoughts on the Phillies organization and particular players in the system

It's always interesting when you go outside of the Phillies organization to find out what the rest of the baseball world thinks about the Phillies prospects and the organization as a whole. We talked to four scouts, from four different teams to get their thoughts on Phillies prospects.

First, it should be noted, that the prevailing thought is that the Phillies did very well in the trade market to bolster their minor league system. Generally, scouts believe the Cole Hamels trade will ultimately be a win-win for both the Phillies and Rangers and the other deals made over the past year or so will also help the Phillies to turn things around and stay good for a number of years.

We talked to four scouts, granting each anonymity, and even agreeing not to identify which organization they work for. Those scouts gave us a lot of insight into their thoughts - and in some cases - what their organizations in general, think of some of the top prospects in the Phillies organization.

Malquin Canelo (Clearwater) - "The Canelo kid is a nice player, especially defensively. He doesn't rush his throws and has a strong enough arm that he doesn't have to rush them. Solid fundamentally as a player, I'm just not sure he'll hit enough."

Carlos Tocci (Clearwater) - "One of our guys followed him pretty closely earlier in his career and thought he would develop faster than he has. At this point, he's just not enough of an offensive player to really project as well as we thought that he would earlier in his career. Defensively, he's a good player, but he needs to find himself offensively."

Freddy Galvis (Philadelphia) - "I think he's not quite an everyday player at the major league level. He is the perfect type of utility guy though, because he is so good defensively and he can play at at least three spots for you. He chips in enough hits so that he's not just a defensive player, just not enough to be playing every day for a team that wants to contend, unless they have a ton of offense around him."

Roman Quinn (Reading) - "If this kid could ever stay on the field, he would have the potential to be a superstar. If it weren't for all of the injuries, he would be in the majors now, I would think."

"I hated to see Quinn go back on the DL, because he's such an exciting player. Everybody likes to compare his speed and play to Billy Hamilton, but this kid is much better than Hamilton. If they ever find a way to keep him healthy, it's not too late for him to put it all together."

Jorge Alfaro (Reading) - "It might be a stretch to compare him to Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez), but I don't think it's a huge stretch. He's that good."

"He has so much athleticism and range behind the plate and his arm is tremendous. Runners are stupid to challenge him."

Andrew Knapp (Lehigh Valley) - "In some organizations, he would be the catcher of the future, but with Alfaro at Reading, he's not at that caliber. I think the reason the Phillies haven't taken him to a different position is because his value is higher as a catcher and he could be a potential trade chip. He's gotten better defensively and could stick at catcher."

"We didn't always see him as a guy that would stay behind the plate, but he's improved defensively and could be there long-term. He would eventually be a backup to Alfaro, but he's probably too good to be in that role, so I don't know what the Phillies will ultimately do with him."  

Brock Stassi (Lehigh Valley) - "He's good defensively, but he would be more valuable if he could play another position or two. His bat isn't good enough to project as an everyday player at first or as a DH, but he might be able to hit enough to stick in a utility role if he was more versatile. If his bat develops, he might be a fair option for a club."

Dylan Cozens (Reading) - "Doesn't hit lefties well and his home-road splits are discouraging. You might not really know what he's going to be until he gets to Triple-A and is playing in more legitimate ballparks. This place [Coca-Cola Park in Lehigh Valley] would be interesting for him to judge just how legitimate his power is."

"If his power is legitimate, he could stick in the majors as a corner outfielder. The big question though is whether he's legitimate, and I have some doubts whether or not he is."

Rhys Hoskins (Reading) - "Overall, he's a better offensive player than Cozens and has some projectability as a hitter, but I'm not sure his power numbers are completely legit. Defensively, there are some issues; he'd have to get better to be below average."

Nick Williams (Lehigh Valley) - "They'll get the attitude straightened out. He's smart enough to know that he's not going to be able to survive with that attitude, and he's just very young. Once he gets that under control, he'll be fine."

"I don't think he's legitimate in center field as an everyday guy. Corner spots, he's good and he has plenty of arm to play in right and he's definitely a plus defender. He sometimes takes strange routes to balls, but can usually make up for it with his athleticism and speed. Offensively, he's good. The key is how quickly he matures as a player, which I'm sure he will do."

"This year is the first I've seen Williams, but other guys in our organization like him a lot. His defense is good, even if he doesn't always look great doing it, and I'm not sure I'd want him in center on a regular basis. I'd stick him at a corner outfield spot and just play him in center now and then just to keep him fresh enough to play there if he's needed." 

Joely Rodriguez (Reading) - "His arm action just seems so much looser, and that's giving him much better sink on  his pitches and making him tougher to hit, especially for left-handers. He hit 97 the other night and I had never clocked him throwing that hard before. He just needs to calm down a little, he looks a little rabid on the mound and wants to make every pitch perfect." 

Cameron Rupp (Philadelphia) - "I have to admit, I wasn't a big Cameron Rupp fan in the past, but he's making a believer out of me. I never saw him as being anything more than a decent backup, but he could stick as an everyday catcher in the majors, as long as his offense keeps up. Defensively, he's good, with a good arm and decent mechanics, but if a team doesn't trust him there, he could DH if the bat keeps getting better."

"If the Phillies didn't have young catching coming along, I'd still think they were at least decent behind the plate because of Rupp. He's one of those guys who doesn't do any one thing really well, but he does a few things good enough to make him a decent player. I like how he's worked to get better and he's a tough-nosed guy."

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