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It's not the excitement of last year at this time, but there are plenty of rumors around the Philadelphia Phillies at the trade deadline

Last year, the talk was all about Cole Hamels, where he would wind up and who the Phillies would get for him. This year, it's a lesser target in Jeremy Hellickson, but there's still pretty much speculation about him and other Phillies players.

  • August 1 2:00 p.m. - Jon Morosi (MLB Network) tweeted that the Tigers are now back in on Hellickson.
  • August 1 10:00 a.m. - Jayson Stark ( Tweeted that the Phillies could hang on to Hellickson and haven't lowered their asking price. The Tigers and Giants are out and both Texas and Toronto don't have Hellickson as their Plan A.
  • July 31 - Jerry Crasnick (ESPN) said that the Giants interest in Hellickson was overrated and they don't have any interest in him. However, the Tigers have "checked in" on Hellickson and other fourth/fifth starter types.
  • July 29 - Jim Salisbury ( notes that if the Rangers and Phillies can't agree on a deal for Vincent Velasquez, Texas still has interest in Hellickson as a fallback position.
  • July 28 - Jayson Stark (ESPN) reported that the Phillies are telling teams that they will want a "top-five type of prospect" in exchange for Jeremy Hellickson. The Phillies feel comfortable setting that price, because there aren't many quality pitchers on the trade market right now. They're banking on the fact that if teams don't give in, they can make Hellickson a qualifying offer after the season - he's a pending free agent - and they'll get an added draft pick as compensation if he turns them down. Of course, he could accept, which would bring him back to the team on a one-year deal, but that's not a completely distasteful idea. (This is a marked price increase from what Stark reported on July 20.)
  • July 26 - ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reported that the Rangers and Orioles were in attendance for Hellickson's start in Miami. Of course, you can bank on the fact that the Marlins were watching him dominate their club as well, since they've had an interest in him for a while. Crasnick noted that there isn't a clear frontrunner at this point, but that dealing Hellickson is a "virtual lock" for the Phillies, who would like to clear a spot in the rotation for top pitching prospect Jake Thompson.
  • July 24 - Ken Rosenthal of FOX reported that the Phillies have been scouting the Marlins rookie league affiliate for prospects as part of a Jeremy Hellickson deal. Rosenthal noted that the Marlins aren't deep in minor league talent and might not have the weapons to get Jake Odorizzi (Tampa) or Chris Sale (White Sox), but might have enough to get Hellickson. Rosenthal says that the Pirates, Red Sox and Orioles are also linked to Hellickson.
  • July 24 - Nick Cafardo (Boston Globe) reported that lefty reliever Mike Dunn could be part of a deal that would get the Marlins Hellickson. Dunn would be an odd return, since he's older than Hellickson (31) and is also a pending free agent. If the Phillies really like Dunn, they could acquire him as part of the deal and use some of their pile of money that they'll have to spend to re-sign him before he hits free agency.
  • July 20 - Jayson Stark (ESPN) says that the Phillies hope to get a return much like they got for closer Jonathan Papelbon last summer. That deal netted them Nick Pivetta, who isn't exactly a top-tier prospect. Stark noted that the Phillies would be willing to eat the remaining money due Hellickson to improve the return in prospects. Stark notes that the Detroit Tigers are not interested in Hellickson.
  • July 20 - Jim Salisbury ( reported that the Orioles have been watching Hellickson and that the two teams have already had some discussions. Matt Gelb (Philadelphia Inquirer) added the Pirates and Giants to the list of teams in on Hellickson.
  • July 10 - Nick Cafardo (Boston Globe) says the Red Sox have been scouting Hellickson as a potential trade target. (Since this note, the Red Sox acquired Drew Pomeranz, but are reportedly still in the market for pitching.)
  • July 8 - Jon Morosi (FOX/ noted that the Royals are interested in Hellickson.
  • July 7 - Jon Morosi (FOX/ says the Red Sox are interested in Hellickson.

  • Ryan Howard has 10-and-5 rights (10 years MLB service time and the last five with the same team) and can veto any trade.
  • July 25 - Richard Johnson ( confirmed a report from John Perrotto of Today's Knuckleball that the Phillies are getting some feelers on Howard. One AL scout told Perrotto "I'd take him just to have him come off the bench in a pennant race and the postseason."

  • Carlos Ruiz has 10-and-5 rights (10 years MLB service time and the last five with the same team) and can veto any trade.
  • July 19 - Jon Morosi (FOX/ says the Indians, who put catcher Yan Gomes on the DL July 18 are looking for catching help and have an interest in Carlos Ruiz. The Dodgers, Pirates, Mets and Blue Jays could also be looking for catching help.
  • July 17 - Matt Gelb ( noted that there is a growing thought that Ruiz could be in his final days with the Phillies. Gelb didn't mention any specific suitors.

  • July 26 - Kyle Yost (SB Nation) reports that the Tigers are scouting Gomez and Hector Neris in their search for bullpen help.
  • July 22 - Todd Zolecki ( noted that Gomez' stock is definitely high and that the Phillies might deal him, since they have Edubray Ramos and Hector Neris as potential replacements for the closer's job. Getting any type of substantial return for Gomez would be a coup, since he started the year as a middle inning reliever who has moved himself into a closer's role and done a good job for the Phillies.
  • July 20 - Jerry Crasnick ( listed the Giants as a team interested in Gomez. Crasnick says the Giants are "blanketing" the market for relievers, but are especially interested in Gomez and teammate David Hernandez. He also listed the Yankees Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller as targets. (Chapman has since been dealt to the Chicago Cubs.)
  • July 9 - Ken Rosenthal (FOX) reports that the Phillies would "jump" at a decent trade offer for Hernandez or Andrew Bailey, but would have to think longer and harder about dealing Gomez.

  • July 30 - Jim Salisbury ( says a deal between the Rangers and Phillies in "unlikely."
  • July 30 - Jerry Crasnick (ESPN) reported that while there is a lot of talk about Velasquez to the Rangers, a deal isn't likely to go down.
  • July 29 - Todd Zolecki ( confirmed that the Rangers have three scouts in attendance to watch Velasquez, but says "nothing is imminent."
  • July 29 - Jim Salisbury ( says the Rangers and Phillies are "pretty deep" in discussions about Velasquez.
  • July 29 - Ken Rosenthal (FOX) has sources who told him the Rangers are "all over" Velasquez. Texas had three scouts watching Velasquez start against the Braves Friday night in Atlanta.
  • July 25 - Jon Morosi (FOX/ was on the MLB Network and said that the Rangers are interested in acquiring Velasquez from the Phillies.

  • July 14 - Corey Seidman ( listed the Indians and White Sox as clubs potentially interested in Rupp since his offensive emergence this season. Seidman pointed out that Klentak has dealt players who have plenty of team control remaining before when he dealt Ken Giles to the Astros over the winter.

Other news and notes...

  • July 9 - Ken Rosenthal (FOX) lists Peter Bourjos and Andres Blanco as potential trade candidates from the Phillies. (Since then, both have been injured and placed on the DL.)
  • July 1 - Todd Zolecki ( says the Phillies don't expect to make any major moves at the trade deadline this year and says that while Hellickson is drawing some early interest, the Phillies aren't sure that they want to deal him.

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