PBI begins our annual look at the top prospects in the Phillies organization, starting at the bottom of the top 50 list.

The Phillies minor league system has produced a number of young players who have graduated to the major league level. The good news is that there are still players to pick from in the minor league system as the rebuilding process continues.

Every year, Philly Baseball Insider takes a look at the Phillies organization and ranks the top 50 players. This year is no different. 

To put together our list of the Top 50 Phillies Prospects, PBI talked to people inside and outside of the Phillies organization. We've talked with scouts from a number of organizations to get their thoughts on players. We've also talked to writers, broadcasters and others who cover the minor league teams and the system as a whole on a regular basis. 

Plus, we've seen a great many of these players in person, or have talked to people who know the game and have seen these players in person.

With all of that to consider, we've come up with a list of the Top 50 Phillies Prospects for 2017. We'll reveal ten at a time this week, until the list is completed. Then, we'll go back and provide full scouting reports and insight on the players, what scouts like about them, and what they don't like about them. We'll also give you a look at the players who just missed the list and analyze how the organization looks from the top rung of the minors to the lowest rung of the minors.

To be eligible for our annual list, a player must still have full MLB Rookie of the Year eligibility remaining, meaning that he does not have more than 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the majors during a previous season(s), and, he has not accumulated more than 45 days on a major league roster during the 25-player limit, excluding time on the disabled list. In other words, players like Jake Thompson and Edubray Ramos are no longer eligible for our annual list. The players ages listed are their age as of April 1, 2017.

Let's start with a quick look at the lowest ten players on our annual list...

41. Seranthony Dominguez, 22, RHP
42. Mark Laird, 24, OF
43. Jose Taveras, 23, RHP
44. Jiandido Tromp, 23, OF
45. Brandon Leibrandt, 24, LHP
46. Jesen Therrien, 24, RHP
47. Grenny Cumana, 21, SS/2B
48. Francisco Morales, 17, RHP
49. Jose Nin, 21, RHP
50. Darick Hall, 21, 1B

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