Darick Hall came in at number 50 on the PBI list of the Philadelphia Phillies Top 50 Prospects for 2017.

The Phillies selected first baseman Darick Hall from Dallas Baptist University in the 14th round of the 2016 Draft. In his first professional season, Hall showed some signs of promise for the future playing for the Williamsport Crosscutters.


One scout who talked about Darick Hall has seen a lot of other Phillies prospects. With that to draw from, the scout believes that Hall could take much the same path up the prospect rankings as has Dylan Cozens. With Cozens coming in at number 11 on the PBI list of the Top 50 Phillies Prospects, seeing Hall climb to that level over the next couple of seasons would be a welcome sight for the Phillies front office, especially since he was selected in the 14th round of the draft, whereas Cozens was a second round pick back in 2012.

Cozens was drafted out of high school and played his first season with the Phillies Gulf Coast League team, while Hall started his professional career a level higher with Williamsport. If you give Cozens a bye on that first season and compare the stats of the two in their time with Williamsport, the numbers aren't very far off in many areas.

Cozens (2013) 9 35 .265 .343 .469 68 277 19 2 28 64
Hall (2016) 9 29 .282 .372 .518 57 226 19 0 13 57

Cozens has a decided edge in power right now, but he also developed much of that as he grew both physically and as a hitter. It's likely that Hall will continue to develop in both areas as well, but considering he was a year older in his time at Williamsport than Cozens was at that time, his physical development won't be quite as much.

Offensively, Hall uses a pretty substantial leg kick, which can sometimes lead to extended slumps for some hitters if their timing gets screwed up. The kick does help him drive through the ball and gets his lower half into his swing. The 21-year old has an aggressive approach at the plate, which is sometimes too aggressive and leads him to swing at pitches that would be better suited to someone like Vladimir Guerrero to hit. The ball jumps off Hall's bat and he has excellent power to his pull side.

When you look at Hall's spray chart, it's easy to see the pull power that he has, with each of his home runs coming to the right field side of center field, with only one being even close to straight away center. He can poke some balls through the left side of the infield and has some gap power to left and left center.

Defensively, Hall posted a .989 fielding percentage at first base was about average for the New York - Penn League, where the average fielding percentage for a first baseman was .988 last season. At 6' 4", 236 pounds, Hall provides a nice big target for his infielders, and he moves well, but doesn't overly impress with his speed and range around the bag. Keep in mind that in college, Hall also pitched, so his time at first base was limited a little more than it would have been if he played there exclusively, so he could certainly develop more defensively, especially with some improved mechanics around the bag.

With the strong arm that Hall has from his pitching days, there is some talk that he may be better suited to play in the outfield, most likely in right. For now, the Phillies are content with him at first base, but it would be interesting to see how he would handle playing an outfield spot.

Speed isn't one of the areas where Hall grades out well, which would be one deterrent to a potential move to the outfield. While he's not quite the lumbering style of say Greg Luzinski, he would need a lot of help from a speedy center fielder on balls hit to the gap.

Hall will very likely start the 2017 season at Lakewood, especially if he has a good Spring. He should be able to move pretty quickly through the organization, much the way Cozens has done, generally moving one level per season.

Darick Hall 2016 Stats

2016 Williamsport 57 195 27 55 19 0 9 29 13 57 .282 .372 .518 .890
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