Veterans Stadium Was More Than Just The Games

One fan was especially struck by the celebration of the final game at Veterans Stadium. For many fans, Veterans Stadium was more than just the games and the players who played there; it was the special people that fans shared special moments within the confines of the concrete donut.

As I write this I'm holding back the tears; Some sad but mostly tears of happiness from all of the great memories I experienced at the Vet. Those memories include all the intangibles such as the time my father came home with a pair of tickets to Game One of the 1980 World Series. I remember how elated I was to see the tickets down the first base line. Of course, it was great going to the game and seeing the Phillies beat the royals 7-6, but more important was spending the quality time with my Dad. This was a time when I was a cocky high school kid growing up in Doylestown and my father and I weren't always on the same wave length; That night we were!

Some of the other memories include taking a group of ten friends to a game against the Mets in '94. It was the last week of ball before the player's strike. It was also the last time that I got to see Krukker play live in a Phillies uniform. I remember him hitting an extra bagger off the top of the right field fence.

I remember being invited to a game in early '81 by the girl I had a major crush on. I was so happy sitting next to her and watching the 1980 World Champions flag being raised. I was so proud at that moment to have been raised in Philadelphia!

I could go on with so many other fond memories of Eagles games and even Rolling Stones concerts, but I'll cut it short so I can take in the rest of the Phillies last game ever at Veterans Stadium.

Thanks for all the memories.

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