Phillies Make Coaching Changes

With the season just ended, the Phillies will be focusing on keeping some of their players in town and looking at other players to add through trades or free agency. Before they get to that though, the Phillies adjusted their coaching staff with a couple of relatively minor moves. One of the moves brings back a member of the Phillies '93 National League Championship team.

Milt Thompson has long been a part of the Phillies organization. He played with the team and was a member of the '93 team that went to the World Series. Since his retirement, Thompson has spent a lot of his time as a minor league coach in the Phillies organization. Now, he gets to return to Philadelphia as the new first base coach.

Thompson will replace Tony Scott, who may stay with the organization as a minor league coach. Scott was the Phillies first base coach for the past three seasons. Also exiting is bullpen catcher Clemente Alvarez, who has also been offered another position with the organization.

Thompson, 44, spent five of his eleven major league seasons with the Phillies. His latest stint with the organization was as their minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator for the past three seasons. Thompson also spent a considerable amount of time working with prospects at the Phillies baseball academies in the Dominican Republic and in Venezuela. Prior to working throughout the minor league system, Thompson was a coach with the Reading Phillies and worked with young players like Jimmy Rollins and Jason Michaels.

The Phillies have filled Alvarez' spot with Mick Billmeyer, who served as the minor league catching coordinator since 2000. Billmeyer is just 39 and worked in the Angels organization before coming over to the Phillies after the 1999 season. In addition to bullpen catcher duties with the Angels, Billmeyer also served as the team's workout coordinator.

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