Padilla Suffers Minor Injuries In One Car Crash

After initial conflicting reports about the extent of injuries that Vicente Padilla suffered in a car accident on Thursday, it appears that the right-hander suffered only minor injuries and was more shaken up than anything. A long-time friend of Padilla's was killed in the one car accident.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Vicente Padilla suffered just minor injuries, including a bruised collar bone in a one car accident that took the life of his long-time friend. Initial reports said that Padilla had suffered various injuries, including a broken collar bone, a broken finger on his right hand and a bruised right shoulder in the crash. Those reports came from a hospital officials.

Padilla was treated at the Hospital Espana in Chinandega and released the same night.

Padilla's agent, Rudy Valenzuela, notified the Phillies of the crash Friday morning and stressed that the pitcher "was fine". Phillies GM Ed Wade released a statement Friday, confirming the accident and quoting Valenzuela. "According to Valenzuela, the driver fell asleep and was killed. He (Valenzuela) told us that Padilla went to the hospital and was fine. We have been trying to reach Vicente to express our concern for him and the situation."

The driver of the car, a life-long friend of Padilla's, Abrahan Flores, apparently fell asleep while driving and the car went off the highway and rolled according to police reports. There were also reports that a tire blew on the car, leading to the crash. There were also some erroneous reports that Padilla was driving the black BMW that was involved in the crash, but those reports were unfounded.

Padilla was making the 70 mile trip from Managua to his hometown of Chinandega when the accident occured Thursday night.

Later Friday, a representative for Valenzuela and Padilla issued another statement, stressing that Padilla was not injured. "Everything they're saying about Padilla's injuries, isn't true," said Cesar Batista, an assistant to Rudy Valenzuela, Padilla's agent since 1999. "He's 100 percent fine. There is nothing to worry about."

Late on Friday, Phillies assistant GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. spoke with Padilla and confirmed that the pitcher was all right. "He said he was fine, that he was just jostled around a little."

Padilla was 14-12 this season with a 3.62 ERA for the Phillies, who finished third in the National League East.

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