PBN Extra: Inside Citizens Bank Park

Most Phillies fans have seen the photos and even the live web cam of Citizens Bank Park. Few though, have actually been <I>inside</I> the new home of our beloved Philadelphia Phillies. One person who has is Jeff Lyons and he was able to document his trip to the ballpark with some photos that he is sharing with <I>PhillyBaseballNews.com</I>.

Jeff Lyons found himself with some free time on a bright, sunshine filled Sunday morning. The calendar had just turned to November the day before and Jeff decided to enjoy the day with a trip to Citizens Bank Park.

While snooping…we mean, looking…around, Jeff was spotted. Instead of becoming the first fan tossed out of the new ballpark, Jeff was able to befriend his new best buddy – we'll call him ‘Joe The Construction Guy'. "Joe" actually let Jeff snap a few pictures of what few outside of the Phillies and construction crew have seen.

Here it is…Citizens Bank Park

Our thanks to Jeff Lyons for allowing PhillyBaseballNews.com to bring these photos to you.

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