Phils May Get Involved In Garciaparra Trade Talks

Just days after signing Tim Worrell, basically out of nowhere, Ed Wade and the Phillies appear to have another move up their sleeves. A transaction that would shake the makeup of this ball club and transform it into a sure fire World Series favorite in the inaugural season of Citizens Bank Park. Brace yourselves Philadelphia, Nomar Garciaparra could be a Phillie in the very near future.

It is no secret that the Boston Redsox are very interested in Texas shortstop Alex Rodriguez and would go about getting him by relinquishing Manny Ramirez and prospects to the Rangers in return for the highest paid player in baseball. If that move is made official, it would leave Boston with two very interesting spots on their roster, and a move with Philadelphia could precede the Rodriguez trade in order to rectify them. Other reports now have the Red Sox dealing Garciaparra even if they can't acquire Rodriguez because of the hard feelings that the rumors have caused between Garciaparra and the Sox. A deal for Rollins would allow Boston to get a shortstop, immediately filling the hole at shortstop. has learned from reliable sources that a possible deal between the Phillies and Red Sox involving shortstops Nomar Garciaparra and Jimmy Rollins, as well as Bobby Abreu is in the works. Philadelphia would send Rollins and Abreu to Beantown in exchange for Garciaparra, and Boston would then trade Manny Ramirez, Rollins and prospects to Texas for Rodriguez.

This deal would be perfect for both franchises as the Phillies would deal Rollins, who has declined overtures for a long-term contract and would also reduce some of the srtikeouts that plagued their offense last season. In return, they would add a perennial all-star who would be the perfect compliment to Jim Thome's bat. Garciaparra amassed 28 home runs and 105 RBI from the shortstop position in 156 games in 2003.

Let's face it Bobby Abreu is simply overrated. The Phillies have had concerns about his lackadaisical attitude when it comes to fielding, which has made him a target of Philly boo birds. His reluctance to bat leadoff soured manager Larry Bowa on Abreu this past season.

Should the Phillies deal Abreu; the team would need to make a minor move to replace him, such as trading a prospect or two for Baltimore's Jay Gibbons. A move that is very feasible considering the Orioles immense interest in Vladimir Guererro. Another possible remedy for what would be a hole in right field for Philadelphia, would be the addition of Trot Nixon as part of the trade with Boston.

Nomar Garciaparra is a known commodity and if this trade does in fact come to fruition, his leadership skills and prowess in the field as well as at the plate would give the Phillies a solid addition to their offense, which struggled in crucial spots last season.

The deal would also reunite Rollins and Abreu with former manager Terry Francona, who was hired last week as the Red Sox manager. Abreu and Francona had some disagreements during Francona's tenure in Philadelphia, but were on good terms when Francona left.

Throw in an on-going feud between the Red Sox and Garciaparra, and this move becomes even more likely. While this move is simply in the discussion faze, there are signs that point to a somewhat speedy completion, possibly as early as this weekend during the annual winter meetings. Stay tuned to for any news that may develop on this or other potential deals for the Phillies.

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