All Quiet For Phillies At Winter Meetings

As the weekend drew to a close, Phillies general manager Ed Wade continued to find ways to stay busy at the winter meetings. Even with all of the discussions that Wade and other members of the Phillies front office have had with other teams, nothing appears ready to be announced.

Ed Wade is still hopeful of doing some business before he leaves the winter meetings. After meeting with several teams Saturday and Sunday, Wade didn't have anything to announce by late Sunday.

In most of his discussions, teams were asking about Jason Michaels, Tomas Perez, Ricky Ledee and Chase Utley. Wade isn't really very interested in moving any of those players unless it would be in a deal to improve another part of the Phillies team.

Wade did discuss a potential deal with the Kansas City Royals that would send Valerio de los Santos to KC. The deal wouldn't be likely to bring much to the Phillies, but would at least free the Phillies of making a decision on arbitration with the left-hander.

Also, Wade talked with Scott Boras, agent for Kevin Millwood, on Saturday. Boras has until Friday to decide whether to accept the Phillies offer of arbitration and the Phillies still have at least some interest in signing Millwood to a long-term contract. Boras insists that there are several other teams interested in signing Millwood.

Wade has also been pursuing another free agent reliever to add to the bullpen. Left-handers Kent Mercker and Arthur Rhodes and right-handers Roberto Hernandez and Al Levine are all possibilities.

On the Nomar Garciaparra front, there wasn't any news. The Rangers and Red Sox are still talking about a deal that would bring Alex Rodriguez to Boston, which would lead to a Garciaparra deal with another team. Even if Boston doesn't pick up Rodriguez, they might deal Garciaparra since he is upset that the Red Sox have pursued A-Rod.

The winter meetings end Monday with the Rule 5 Draft. The Phillies may lose another young player or two with Rob Tejeda and Francisco Butto being the most likely to be selected. It's possible that the Phillies will select a player, perhaps, a young reliever. A potential deal with another team could be in the works too. The Phillies might be interested in reacquiring Frank Brooks, who they traded to Pittsburgh for Mike Williams last July in the Mike Williams deal. Pittsburgh hasn't protected Brooks and the Phillies wouldn't mind bringing him back to the organization.

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