Implosion Photo Gallery

Veterans Stadium has officially been reduced to a pile of concrete rubble in South Philadelphia. The implosion, going off without a hitch, brought the structure down in just about one minute after 33 years of sports and concerts at the landmark. Since words can't do justice to the implosion, decided to bring you photos of the event courtesy of Associated Press.

Veterans Stadium looms over south Philaldelphia for the final time at dawn, Sunday morning, March 21, 2004. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium implosion is in progress early Sunday morning (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Veterans Stadium implodes early Sunday morning. Detonation of about 3,000 pounds of explosives began on schedule at 7 a.m., reducing the stadium to a pile of rubble in just more than a minute. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Citizens Bank Park stands over the rubble of Veterans Stadium following the Vet's implosion early Sunday March 21, 2004. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

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