The Baseball Rat's Worst Day of the Season

Welcome to the world of the rat. Here, baseball is everything. The day begins and ends with baseball. Eyes blur from watching multiple games in a row on ESPN's Opening Day coverage. Mitch Williams baseball cards lie in the corner, burned in effigy while autographed photos of Richie Ashburn and Jim Thome adorn the cage. With all these thoughts of baseball, there's no reason to keep them all confined to the friendly confines of my little rat brain.

Today is the worst day of the baseball season! Who ever came up with the thought of having a team play an opening day game and then have a day off. Even God himself worked for six days before he rested. Playing one game and then having a day off is like having a cute blonde give you her phone number and then refuse to return any of your calls.

The day is made that much worse when the Phillies lost. And the day becomes a catastrophe when it was Jose Mesa that shut down our Phillies in the ninth inning. Not only did he get the save, he pitched a perfect inning! Where did that come from? Of course, with the Phillies offense sputtering the way it is, I could have put the Phillies down in order.

A bunt? Does Larry Bowa ever look at any stats? Mike Lieberthal hit .319 last season with runners in scoring position. Instead, Bowa has him dropping a bunt in a key spot in the game. What up wit' dat?

The rat thinks Bowa is pressing a little too much to make something happen with runners in scoring position. Granted, this team's 2003 version struggled to get runners in. They also continued those struggles this spring, but this is Mike Lieberthal. This is a guy coming off his most consistent season of the year and he's dropping a bunt.

It is a testament to Lieberthal though, because he's not used to bunting, but he got the job done.

CBP So, The Bank wasn't quite done for this weekend's exhibition series. No real problem. Things came off with only the weather providing a real glitch. Actually, the rain also provided a chance to try out the drainage system. By all accounts, it passed with flying colors.

Want to know the best part about the grass field. The Phillies didn't cut any of those silly designs into the grass. No checkerboards, no pinwheels, no bullseyes, just a lawn. Nice. Let's hope that it's going to stay that way. Next thing you know, someone is going to cut an advertising logo into one of the outfields around baseball. Kind of surprising it hasn't happened already. I can see the grounds crew at Camden Yards cutting a Viagra logo near first base now that Rafael Palmeiro is back in Baltimore. Yuck.

Krukker on Baseball Tonight John Kruk in a suit is an interesting thing. You have to know that about 12 miliseconds after the cameras go off, that tie is history. You almost get the feeling that he immediately stands up, rips off the entire suit and leaves it laying in a heap as he walks naked off the set.

There are definitely a few rough edges. First of all John, you don't have to mention the Phillies in every segment. I thought sure he would pick the Phillies to play the Phillies in the World Series. Calm down, John. We all know that you played in Philly. We all love you. Krukker has been a little like those annoying little twits that sneak down to the seats behind home plate and wave to their friends while they're talking to them on a cell phone. Anyone doing that should be subjected to a Randy Johnson fastball off the side of their cell phone covered head. I digress.

John Kruk has at least brought a bit different spirit to the show. He has been opinionated and fresh. He is the fan element to the show that was often missing with the likes of Bobby Valentine or Jim Bowden. As he loosens up and adjusts to the crew and they adjust to him, his personality will come out even more. That's when it will get truly fun. Still, the suit has to go.

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