Ranks of the Untouched Pitchers Dwindle

With the minor league season coming up on three weeks old, there are less and less pitchers sporting the same ERA that they started the season with – 0.00. The ranks have thinned and the remaining "zero-point pitchers" are an interesting crop that's worth taking a look at.

Ryan Madson The Phillies have just one pitcher with a 0.00 ERA at the major league level and it's rookie Ryan Madson. The bad news is that Madson was hit with one unearned run and it cost him a game, giving him an 0-1 record with an 0.00 ERA. Not something that you see too often. Actually, Madson's "zero-point" stat goes back to last season when he pitched two shutout innings for the Phillies against the Braves last September. Madson's total inning count is 9 2/3 shutout innings. In his career, he has allowed five hits, two walks and has struck out nine hitters.

Gavin Floyd The Reading Phillies ace extended his shutout streak to 17 innings, pitching 5 1/3 innings in the first game of Reading's double-header Tuesday night. Floyd has been downright amazing, allowing 7 hits, 6 walks and has struck out 14.

Comparitively speaking, Floyd was pretty bad Tuesday night when he was hit for four hits in his 5 1/3 inning outing.

You have to figure that the "move Floyd to AAA" rumors will be starting any time now. Don't count out Floyd being in the majors by September.

Dan Giese The Phillies didn't take as long of a look at Giese in spring training as a lot of people thought that they would. Giese turns 27 in May and came over in a deal with the Padres last summer. So far this season, Giese has thrown 10 shutout innings and has allowed just two hits. If there is a down side to Giese it's that he has walked three and struck out just two, but when he's not giving up anything else, that's getting nit-picky. Besides, coming into the season, Giese had struck out almost four times as many batters than he had walked, so control isn't too much of a problem.

Kyle Parcus Lakewood's Kyle Parcus has pitched in five games and hasn't allowe a run in 8 1/3 innings. The young lefty has given up just four hits and one walk while striking out ten.

The Phillies drafted Parcus in the 12th round of last summer's draft and he put up decent numbers at Batavia, going 2-4, 4.01 for the Muck Dogs. The Phillies liked what they saw from Parcus this spring and decided not to keep him in extended spring training and sent him to Lakewood. They have been especially happy with the start that Parcus has gotten off to. Through college at Texas A&M and his first professional season with the Phillies, Parcus has had pretty good control.

Paco Reyes Also known as Maximo Reyes, the 22 year old right hander didn't pitch last season because of an injury. Prior to the injury, Reyes had pitched well in the Gulf Coast League, but wasn't overly impressive in a short move to Batavia during the 2002 season. The fact that he is coming off of an injury makes his quick start to the season all the more impressive.

In five games, Reyes has thrown eight innings without allowing an earned run. He has also allowed just three hits and two walks, while striking out ten hitters. The Phillies thought highly of Reyes prior to his injury and were hoping that he would be able to make a successful return.

Reyes attended St.Petersburg College and was drafted in the 48th round of the 2001 Draft by the Phillies.

Jim Crowell This is a classic example of a guy who has always put up solid minor league numbers, but hasn't gotten a shot at the majors. Actually, he's got 6 2/3 innings of major league ball under his belt as a member of the '97 Reds and a 9.95 ERA to go with it. Crowell turns 30 in May and is a solidly built left-hander with lots of minor league experience. Somebody should give this guy a look at some point.

After solid spring training auditions with the Phillies the past two years, Crowell has still found himself back at AAA in each of those seasons. This year, Crowell's scoreless inning streak is at seven and he has allowed five hits.

Kevin Barker Okay, does this one really count? Barker has only thrown one inning for the Reading Phillies. Plus, he's not really a pitcher. Barker, who plays first base and the outfield is in his first season in the Phillies organization. He's currently hit in five of his last six games and is hitting just .204 (11-54) on the season. The Phillies needed to get an inning of work and didn't want to use another reliever in Sunday's loss to Trenton, so they called on Barker. Wouldn't you know it, Barker threw a perfect inning. Manager Greg Legg might want to stick that away for future reference.

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