Segovia's Rehab Progressing Nicely

Almost eight months ago, Zack Segovia underwent the dreaded Tommy John surgery on his prized right elbow. Now, you can follow along through the rehab and the comeback with Segovia as he takes readers inside the process with weekly updates on his progress, only on <i></i>.

Before I even really knew there was a major problem, I had talked to Frank Perez and Brad Baisley, who had undergone elbow surgeries and they told me how tough the rehab could get. When I found out that I needed Tommy John surgery, everything that they said came back to me and my only thought was "oh, no."

Last November sixth, I had my surgery in Alabama. Dr. Frank Andrews, who is basically the originator of the surgery did my elbow. About a week after surgery, I was back in Clearwater and starting the rehab. At first, it was simple stuff like simply turning my arm and just getting the elbow to work again. Then, some very light weight - three to five pounds - to start to build some strength. Slowly, but surely, the workouts got more intense.

When I see people now who were around me a lot just after the surgery, they're amazed. I feel somewhat like a real person again. Right after the surgery, they wouldn't even let me do any running. Now, I'm lifting weights and working out like I used to do, just with some minor variations. The hardest part is over and believe me, I'm glad that it's over. It has not been easy. Frankly though, I'm doing so well, it's almost scary. I think back to what Perez and Baisley told me and they both had a lot of problems. They would have to ice their elbows a lot and it sounds like they had a much tougher time than I've had. Actually, I haven't had to ice my elbow even once since the surgery.

When they finally let me start throwing, it was as simple as ten throws of twenty feet. I didn't even break a sweat doing that. Still, they had their routine that I was to follow and they didn't let me go too far from the original plan. Slowly, they upped the distance and the amount of throws. Now, I throw up to 150 feet a couple times a week and am always between 90 and 150 feet for six days a week. Before long, it should increase to 180 feet. If all continues to go well, and there's no reason to doubt that it will, I should be able to do some bullpen sessions in August. It will be nice to start that phase of the rehab.

Since I wasn't able to do much else, I put myself on a strict running program. I built up to running for about 65 minutes every morning and would go out for a smaller job later in the day. It turns out that was a little much. I wound up with shin splints. Luckily, some ice to my knees and a pretty drastic cutback in my running regimen solved that problem. I had been running with Jeremy Wedel and he told me he thought I was training for a marathon.

My usual day starts with some running and then a lot of stretching and rehab exercises. They've got me doing a lot of shoulder work. Sometimes, I think I must have the strongest shoulders in the world. Then comes the throwing, which I usually do with Terry Jones. He's also rehabbing from a heel injury and we've kind of become throwing partners. Then, there's more stretching and some work with the weights.

I miss being on the field. I don't travel with the team and even though I'm officially on Clearwater's roster, I'm not usually around much and don't get to hang out with most of the guys. My work is generally done by the time they're rolling into the ballpark. Cole Hamels got me hooked on Charmed. He's a big fan of Alyssa Milano. Since I room with him here in Clearwater, it was kind of inevitable that I would wind up getting hooked. Occasionally, I'll hang out with friends and do some stuff at night to take up some of my time.

Well, that's about it for this week. I'll check in with you next week and let you know how the rehab is going. If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to pass them along and I'll answer them next week.

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