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I have a friend, a very caring, thoughtful and introspective friend. He always is concerned about his actions, responsible with the money entrusted him from his elders, and is genuinely liked by all. Nevertheless, he is often haunted by the fear of making a bad decision and often allows great opportunities to pass him by. He now is faced with a very important decision, one that could have long term effects on his future, and its getting late in the decision making process. Here is his story…

This story is about a man, let us call him Phil of Philonia. Oh, that is not his real name, nor will the characters in the story be called by their real names. Nevertheless, the story changes little for lack of a real name and the message remains true. For Phil, the story actually began last fall when he suddenly found out he had an opportunity to get tickets to a very important game, one that would be watched with interest by millions.

Now this ticket was valuable because whom he chooses to bring to the game might actually affect his ability to even get in. You see, this game was quite popular and in demand, and getting in was not guaranteed to any but the most worthy. Certainly, Jorge of Yonkers would be there, and Sir William of Auklind always seemed to get in.

Yet, most innocent bystanders felt Phil of Philonia had an excellent opportunity to make it to the game IF he made some wise choices about a ticket mate. Phil actually had a worthy candidate as early as November when a former resident of Philonia, a Kurt of Shills made his request known. In fact, he shouted it from the highest mountaintop but Phil was concerned about Kurt's past transgressions and he was quickly discounted.

Many felt at the time that Kurt of Shills, for all his past problems, would certainly guarantee that Phil would be allowed into the game, but as time passed Kurt became convinced that Phil would never invite him, and finally accepted an invitation from Lord Teo of Bostonia. Now it appears Lord Teo made a wise choice, as even with all Bostonia's problems, Kurt of Shills has proven to be a willing and dependable partner.

However, Phil of Philonia was not unduly concerned, for he had plenty of time before July 31 to make a decision on whom to take to the game, and the choices appeared bountiful. Of course, as June turned to July, the suitors became more numerous and the choices became more limited. Fear not, Phil exclaimed, for the world is my oyster, and I will surely choose wisely.

Another potential choice was Curl Crawfish, a swift and daring gentleman from the city of Tempo Buy. Certainly, here was a worthy partner, he of youth and talent and brashness. Of course, Phil of Philonia was somewhat impressed and certainly saw the advantages of have Curl Crawfish as his partner. Crawfish would have probably bonded well with Phil's other friends, and they might have all enjoyed the game immensely.

But, Phil, always consumed by doubts and fears, saw only a 22 year old with the mistakes of youth, and failed to see the potential for maturity. Now, sad to say, Curl has become a fixture in the suddenly revitalized city of Tempo Buy, and undoubtedly, he is no longer available for the game.

Let not your heart be troubled, a seemingly defiant Phil implored, for Brat, the son of Wilker, is certainly there for the asking, and I have but to set my price. When Brat, son of Wilker, found out about Phil of Philonia, he made it clear he would love to attend, and even auditioned for the part by playing the role that Phil demanded.

Sadly, Brat may have played the role too well, and his time seems to have come and gone, and still Phil has a ticket he seems unwilling to give away. By now, even his loyal friends and fans are getting nervous and are quickly suggesting possible partners. One that seems particularly suited for the part is a young thrower named Kres Binson of Pabsburg. Oh, his resume is not unscathed, as he has had a nick or two, but he seems healthy enough now, and besides, his ticket is only guaranteed for this game.

Though Kres Binson seems a willing and capable fellow, the storm clouds are arising, in the shape of a Mut, a You Knork Mut. It seems the Mut is also very interested in asking Binson to attend the game, and if they should swipe Binson from out of the grasp of Phil of Philonia, the chances of Phil getting into the game become a bit slimmer. You see, it appears that Phil and Mut have tickets for the SAME seats, and Mut carries a bit more weight, as in money.

Certainly, Phil of Philonia will not let Binson attend the game with Mut, the You Knork Mut! This story is continuing to play out as we speak, and the destination of Binson could well influence the final result of Philonia versus Mut. Stay tuned for this one.

With each passing day, Phil finds himself in more of a quandary. The masses of Philonia are counting on him attending the game, and they have shown faith in him up to now with their shouts of encouragement. But with Kurt of Shills now gone, Curl Crawfish no longer available, and Brat, son Wilker, apparently staying home, the masses of Philonia have become anxious and restless.

If Kres Binson should indeed accept an offer from Mut, A You Knork Mut, then Phil of Philonia may be forced to take someone much less qualified, and much less likely to help Phil get into the game. This would not be the first time that Phil of Philonia was forced to accept a person of lesser quality, a relief person to be exact. Yes, my friend, Phil of Philonia has become famous for attempting to get into the game with the likes of Tark Wontall, Dinnis the Cook, and Willy Mikiams.

Of such names has Phil of Philonia failed to get into the game, and of such names will Phil be judged. The waiting masses of Philonia await the outcome and the clock is continuing to tick. July 31 is almost upon us, and the nervous energy of the city of Philonia awaits the choice. Choose wisely, oh Phil of Philonia, for time waits for no man…. and a ticket to the game is the ultimate prize.

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