Zack Segovia: Moving Closer to a Real Mound

Phillies pitching prospect Zack Segovia continues his rehab process, moving closer to getting back to action. The long-tossing continues, but he is also getting closer to throwing off a mound and facing live hitters. Plus, Zack gives readers an insight into his personal life and a review of <i>Spiderman 2</i>, which he's already seen three times. Plus, there's news from the Phillies Gulf Coast League team.

Things here are going really well.

On the physical side, I'm throwing at 180 feet now and am moving closer to upping that to 210 feet in the near future. That's good news, because it gets me closer to working off the mound, which means I'm closer to getting back to real action. Once I make it to 210 and am at that level for a while, they'll let me start throwing off the mound. Of course, that will be like starting over in some respects, because they'll make me start very slow with just 15 or 20 throws at a time, but at least it's progress.

It really is like going one step at a time. After I start throwing off the mound, I'll eventually be pitching some simulated games facing live hitters. The Phillies have already told me that they're going to bring me into the Florida Instructional League, but I'm not sure yet if I'll actually pitch in games or just simulated games. We'll have to make that decision when the time comes. Obviously, I'm hoping that I get to work in at least a couple of games, but there's no sense pushing things too hard, especially since I'm this close.

I've gotten to see some of the Gulf Coast League games. There are some good looking players on that team. Greg Golson looks really good. He's got a lot of talent and seems like a good guy. He works hard and I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the organization. I've spent some time talking with Andy Barb, too. He's struggling a little, but he seems to be another kid that has some good stuff.

The last time that I wrote, I was getting a little frustrated with how things were progressing. I'm feeling much better about things now. My mom, sister and nephew were down for a visit and that helped a lot. My mom became the cook for me and some of my friends. We'd get back from working out and she would have this great lunch all ready to go for us. She made some great Mexican food. My nephew is three-months old and he's great. He never cried the whole time that they were here, which is pretty amazing. I've already started watching baseball with him to teach him all the ins and outs of the game. Of course, down here, we don't get the Phillies unless they're playing the Marlins.

My dad is going to come in for a visit in August. By then, I should be throwing off the mound. My sister and nephew had such a good time, they might come along then too. After that, I'll get a little time off at the end of the Gulf Coast League season before starting in the FIL.

Other than rehabbing and spending time with the family, I've just been hanging out with friends. Cole Hamels and I have seen Spiderman 2 twice and I saw it another time with my sister. That movie rocks! If you haven't seen it, you have to take the time to see it at least once. A bunch of us went to a Cinema-Cafe the other night. It's great. They show a movie, but you can get full meals right in the theatre, so you can eat a regular meal while you're watching the movie. We saw Kill Bill 2 and had a great time.

Well, that's about all that's happening for now. I'll be back next week with more news on the rehab process. Remember, that you can always send along any questions that you might have for me. Just drop me an e-mail and I'll try to answer your question in the next article.

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