Early Returns on Top 25 Picks

It's only been two months since they've been drafted, but the early returns are in on the Phillies' top 25 picks from this past June's draft. The results are mixed, but in general, it appears that the kids are all right on target. Two of the picks have already made it to Class A Lakewood and neither of them were drafted higher than 15th.

1. Greg Golson (Gulf Coast League) Coming out of high school, the Phillies figured that Golson would need a full first season in the GCL. While they still might keep him there for the rest of the year, there are at least some thoughts about getting him a few at bats at Batavia. Golson is hitting .292 in the GCL and has 14 RBI. He's also stolen nine bases and has only been thrown out once. Defensively, Golson has been awesome. In 24 games, he hasn't made an error and has shown great natural instincts to get to the ball and make the play.

2. Jason Jaramillo (Batavia) After getting a late start to his professional career, Jaramillo finally arrived in Batavia. In his first week of play, Jaramillo is hitting .222 with two RBI.

3. James Happ (Batavia) While he's lost two of his six starts, with no wins, Happ's ERA is 3.06. If there is any downside to what Happ has done so far, it's his control. In 17 2/3 innings, Happ has walked ten, but he has struck out 18.

4. Louis Marson (Gulf Coast League) The Phillies concentrated on catchers in the draft and Marson was one of them that they're high on. He leads the GCL Phillies with four homeruns, but has just five RBI. He's hitting .247, which the Phillies hope will rise with time. Defensively, he's been solid and the Phillies believe that he'll show the kind of numbers that a fourth round pick should display.

5. Andy Baldwin (Batavia) The lefty out of Oregon State has struggled a little with Batavia (3-2, 5.09), primarily because hitters are hitting .315 off Baldwin. Some scouts suggest that Baldwin, who has walked just six in 40 2/3 innings, has struggled with his control in that he has thrown too much over the plate.

6. Sean Gamble (Batavia) With six stolen bases, Gamble is second on the MuckDogs in swiping bases. The left-hand hitting Gamble is hitting .273 for Batavia and the Phillies are getting about what they thought Gamble would give them early on.

7. John Hardy (Batavia) The Phillies are a little disappointed with Hardy's defense (11 errors), but allow that the rough infields of the New York – Penn League may be playing a part in that high number. Offensively, Hardy is solid, hitting .283 with a .392 OBP.

8. Sam Orr (Batavia) One of the two players taken from Biola University, Orr has had a rough start to his professional career. Offensively, Orr is hitting just .226 and he is tied with Hardy for the team lead in errors with 11. While it's been a slow process early on for Orr, the Phillies believe that Orr will be fine and are more than willing to be patient.

9. Andy MacFarlane (Gulf Coast League) While he hasn't shown a lot at the plate (1-11-.224), MacFarlane hasn't been a complete disappointment. The Phillies figured that he would be a bit of a project and keep in mind that coming out of a junior college, he didn't face a lot of tough pitching. They'll be patient.

10. Charles Creswell (Gulf Coast League) He's only played in nine professional games, but has had some early success. Creswell is hitting .296 and has already driven in seven runs. He'll definitely need to cut down on his strikeouts (10 in 27 at bats), but that will come with time. At least it better.

11. Carl Galloway (Batavia) It's been a bit of a slow start for Galloway in his professional career. The power is there – four homeruns in 98 at bats – but he's hitting just .224 for Batavia.

12. Joe Bisenius (Batavia) The right-hander out of Oklahoma City University has done a nice job for Batavia. In eight starts, Bisenius is averaging almost five innings per outing, which isn't bad for a rookie league. His ERA is 1.37 and he has struck out 30 in 39 1/3 innings, while walking just 11.

13. James Adkins (unsigned) Contract talks between Adkins and the Phillies have broken off. It's likely now that Adkins will enroll in junior college and the Phillies will have to sit back and watch. While Adkins' situation is unfortunate, the success of other young pitchers from the draft make it a little easier to take.

14. Jason Martinez (Batavia) Three of Martinez' ten games have come as a starter. Perhaps moving back and forth has caused more of a problem for Martinez than the Phillies might have anticipated. Martinez' control has been shaky (10 walks / 13 strikeouts in 22 2/3 innings) and hitters are hitting him at a .306 clip.

15. Zac Cline (Lakewood) After going 2-0, 2.53 with Batavia, the Phillies promoted Cline to Lakewood. His first start didn't go too well (5 IP, 3 ER), but the Phillies believe that he can handle the rigors of the South Atlantic League.

16. Kyle Allen (Batavia) This kid has been an eye-opener. The left-hander out of Lewis-Clark State College has worked eight games in relief and is 2-1, 1.00 with a save for the MuckDogs. In 18 innings, Allen has walked just five (one of them intentionally) and has struck out 23.

17. Ryan Frith (Batavia) Frith leads Batavia in homeruns (7) and RBI (29). His RBI number is almost double that of his nearest Batavia teammate and has Frith third in the New York – Penn League. Frith is hitting .269 and scouts believe that number will increase with time.

18. Greg Isaacson (Batavia) It's been a tough start for Isaacson, who is hitting just .173, but the Phillies aren't discouraged. Isaacson has been playing both third base and shortstop for Batavia and has done a nice job at both positions.

19. Jacob Barrack (Batavia) The righty out of Pepperdine University has done a great job for Batavia. In 12 games – one as a starter – Barrack is 1-1, 2.33 with two saves. In 27 innings, he has walked just six and struck out 33. Opposing hitters are hitting just .179 off Barrack.

20. Nathan Johnson (Batavia) The Phillies concentrated on college pitchers in the draft and Johnson was one of the college guys that the Phillies were high on. He hasn't disappointed. Johnson is 2-2, 3.64, working primarily out of the bullpen, and like a lot of pitchers that the Phillies drafted, relies on control. In 29 2/3 innings, Johnson has walked just six hitters. His low walk numbers combined with opponents .235 average against him allows Johnson to keep people off base.

21. Buck Shaw (Gulf Coast League) Not unlike a lot of GCL hitters in the Phillies organization, Shaw has struggled at the plate. Keep in mind that Shaw came from a junior college and will need some time to adjust. The left-hand hitting first baseman is hitting just .227, but has 13 RBI for the GCL Phillies.

22. Anthony Buffone (Batavia) The switch-hitting Buffone has struggled offensively, hitting just .171 in 22 games. Buffone has played pretty well defensively, playing at first, second and third base for the MuckDogs.

23. Kevin Rose (Batavia) While Rose hasn't been a standout in Batavia, he hasn't done a bad job by any stretch of the imagination. He's walked 13 in 21 2/3 innings and opposing hitters are hitting Rose at a .292 pace, which are both bad stats. Still, Rose is 3-2, 4.15, so he's found a way to pitch out of tough spots.

24. Aaron Wilson (Lakewood) After a short stay at Batavia, the Phillies promoted Wilson to Lakewood. After six shutout innings at Batavia, Wilson has thrown eight innings at Lakewood, without quite as much success. Wilson's control hasn't been quite as good as it was at Batavia, but he's not outmatched. A little time to adjust and the scouts believe that he'll get himself back on pace.

25. Joe Dirnberger (Batavia) The young third baseman is going through a definite learning experience at Batavia. Dirnberger is hitting just .162 and has struck out 15 times in 68 at bats. The Phillies are working with him to shorten his swing slightly and believe that he has enough natural power that he'll still hit enough homeruns, while striking out less. He's a bit of a project, but scouts believe he'll adjust thanks to hard work and coachability.

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