From the Bullpen: Matt Squires' On-Line Journal

Less than a week ago, Matt Squires underwent shoulder surgery with no sure outcome. When he woke up after surgery, the news was good. Now comes the tough part as a tough rehab schedule and return to the mound are down a fairly long road.

My surgery took about an hour and when I woke up, of course, I was wondering how things had gone. When I went into surgery, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The worst case scenario was that the doctor would have to do extensive work on the labrum and/or the rotator cuff. That would have kept me sidelined for a long time.

The news was actually very good. All they had to do was shave down some of the labrum and rotator cuff and do some pretty minor repair work. There was no real severe damage that needed to be repaired. Because I didn't need the extensive surgery that they thought that I might and because everything went well during surgery, the recovery time will be on the short side of what I sort of thought it would be.

For now, I'm in a sling, which I'll be in for two or three weeks. I've already started some physical therapy, which consists of just having the trainer move my shoulder around. Once I'm out of the sling, I will start rehabbing with some tougher therapy and I should have full range of motion back in about six weeks. The full recovery will be about seven months, which means next season won't be a loss for me.

Needless to say, I am really excited that everything went well. I'm looking forward to getting back out there and being able to throw again. I'm already excited about next season. I'm also surprised how good I actually feel. There is a little bit of pain from time to time, but nothing that I can't stand.

I want to thank everyone who sent along their thoughts and good wishes through e-mail. One of the people who wrote was Layne Dawson's Dad. Layne is another pitcher in the Phillies organization and he had surgery too. Unfortunately, the news wasn't quite as good for him and his recovery will be longer and tougher. We'll get to do at least some of our rehab together in Clearwater and I'm looking forward to working with him, but I wish it were under different circumstances. Cary Hiles is also having some injury problems again, too. He's had a tough time and I hope everything works out for him.

I'll keep you updated on how the physical therapy and rehab go, which I'm sure will be tough. Again, thanks for all of the good wishes. They really meant a lot.

Editor's note: If you wish to send along any good wishes, thoughts or questions to Matt Squires, you can e-mail him through

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