Wade Muddies The Waters Concerning Bowa's Status

With the Phillies on a 1-8 homestand, the question of Larry Bowa's job security has again come to the forefront. On Wednesday, general manager Ed Wade may have added to the confusion as he allowed a chance to clarify the situation pass by with only murky comments about Bowa's situation. It seems like the countdown may be underway, again.

General manager Ed Wade met with the media on Wednesday with the team struggling through their worst homestand of the season and facing a season-high six game losing streak. When asked about the status of Larry Bowa, Wade replied simply, "He's our manager." Reporters gave Wade a chance to clarify that by adding a time stamp to how long he considered Bowa to be the manager and Wade refused. "You can interpret that any way you want," replied Wade when asked to clarify his comment.

Perhaps coincidentally, Wade will make the Phillies trip to Milwaukee this season and is also considering travelling with the team when they head to Houston next week.

As for Bowa, he seems resigned to whatever his fate may be. "I do the best I can," said Bowa. "I've been in the game way too long and nothing surprises me. Life's not fair, so you don't worry about that." The Phillies are 311-293 during Bowa's tenure.

Various rumors have circulated and it looked like Bowa was close to being dismissed when the Phillies were on their last road trip. Then, they turned things around and went 5-1 in San Diego and Los Angeles and all seemed okay. When they returned home, things fell apart again and they are now 1-8 on a ten game homestand which wraps up Thursday afternoon against the Astros. The Phillies are now 59-61, 9 ½ games behind Atlanta. Perhaps even worse, they're in third place in the division 1 ½ games behind Florida and just 1 ½ games ahead of the Mets. The Phillies have also fallen to sixth in the wild card race behind San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Florida and Houston. They're just one game ahead of Pittsburgh in the wild card race.

Some reports speculate that Wade will wait until the season is over before dismissing Bowa. Other reports insist that Bowa may survive but that many of his coaches, including hitting coach Greg Gross and pitching coach Joe Kerrigan may be fired after the season. Other reports have Bowa being axed almost at any time.

Speculation has also come up about the job security of Wade himself. Some reports have both Wade and Bowa exiting after the season.

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