From The Bullpen: Matt Squires' On-Line Journal

Two weeks after shoulder surgery that cut his season short, Matt Squires is rehabbing in Clearwater. The weather there has been pretty good for baseball, but for Matt, his time is spent away from the field as he works toward his return next season. The stitches are out and the sling is off and Matt is ready to take his rehab to the next level.

Well, the good news is that everything is going as expected. I have the stitches out of my shoulder now and don't have to wear the sling during the day. I do have to keep a brace on my arm to protect it at night, but it's getting much better. The only time that it really bothers me is when I'm doing the physical therapy.

Thursday was actually a day of some firsts for me. They added a couple extra exercises and I was able to do my first leg exercises since the surgery. One of the new physical thereapy workouts is to use a pulley system to lift my arm above my head. I have to admit, that one hurts a little, but that's not unusual. Some of the other physical therapy work that they do hurt a little, too, but it's getting better. The bottom line, and the most important thing, is that it doesn't hurt other than when I'm doing the exercises. That's good news.

I am getting really tired of all the down time that I have. Usually I would be at the ballpark from about four in the afternoon until around eleven at night. Now, I'm just doing workouts and certainly have a lot more time on my hands. You don't realize just how much you can take normal activities for granted. It would be great just to go shag some flies or do basic things, but that's not an option for me yet. It's also a little odd because I was at Reading all season and now, I'm in a completely different place. I miss talking to the guys and the comraderie that goes with it. I talk to Russ Jacobson every now and then to keep in touch. Reading has been struggling, but then again, they lost Ryan Howard and Gavin Floyd to AAA ball. That's a pretty big hit.

Speaking of Gavin, I heard that he took a line drive off the sternum the other night. He was able to stay in the game and pitched pretty well, but that must have been pretty scary. It's kind of an occupational hazard of being a pitcher. Ryan's just on fire. It would be great for those guys if they both got a chance to go to Philly in September. They deserve it. As far as I'm concerned, Howard should be the minor league player of the year. He's hit 45 homeruns and has 128 RBI between Scranton and Reading. Those are huge numbers.

That's about all that's going on right now. The continuing physical therapy with some added twists and just finding ways to occupy my time. I've gotten a lot of great e-mails from people and I really appreciate them. There are a lot of really supportive people out there and I appreciate all that they have done for me in passing along their good wishes.

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