From the Bullpen: Matt Squires On-Line Journal

It's been five weeks since Matt Squires season ending shoulder surgery and the rehab is going well. Along with a strict physical therapy regimen, there are family issues and life in a hurricane zone to deal with. It's all part of Matt Squires' on-line journal.

Well, the physical therapy on my shoulder is going well. Basically, everything feels good and I can see a big difference in my range of motion. In fact, in another week or so, I should have full range of motion with my arm, so that's a good sign. Part of my physical therapy now includes doing exercises on my own and just working to keep the shoulder moving further and further. It's been five weeks since the surgery and so far, so good.

There was some bad news from home though. My Grandmother had to undergo angioplasty surgery. She came through it very well and is actually back home and continuing to get stronger and stronger. The doctors told her that her quality of life will be much better now that she's had the surgery, so that's something to look forward to. Still, it's a dangerous surgery and it was pretty scary. It was also tough being here when she was going through that back home. It's one of the tough parts of life that we have to deal with.

Actually, I should get to go home in a couple weeks. The target right now is to head home for a visit in early October. It will be great to get back home and see everybody and just relax with the family for a while.

Meanwhile, the Clearwater area got pounded to start the hurricane season. It seems there's almost a never ending line of horrible weather headed right toward us. Actually though, it was kind of cool. We went down to the beach in the middle of the hurricane, even though there were winds kicking up to something like 80 miles per hour. There was actually a guy there with a boogie board who was going to try going into the water. He didn't count on the fact that the wind would just rip the board right out of his hand and even break the tow line that he had around his ankle. Before he even knew what was going on, his board was about half-a-mile down the beach. It was pretty funny, actually.

The bad part of the hurricane was that we were without power for two days and had no cable for almost a week. You don't realize how tough it is to deal with that, but considering all of the damage and how bad things were, that's not so tough. It could have been worse for us and it was for some others. We just spent a lot of time playing cards and relaxing.

That's about all that's happening now. Just a lot of physical therapy and dealing with life's little issues.

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