Zack Segovia: Florida Instructional League Journal

After having Tommy John surgery last November, Zack Segovia continues his rehab work in the Florida Instructional League. Segovia is ahead of schedule in his return to the mound and is anxious to get back on the mound after missing all of the 2004 season. In his on-going journal, Segovia gives PBN readers a glimpse at his return to the mound and the rigors of rehab. In this installment, lots of good news about Segovia and Cole Hamels from the FIL.

The Florida Instructional League season is almost over and it's been great for me. I'll throw in my fifth game today (October 20), which is more than they figured I would be able to do. The original plan was that I would just stick to simulated games and some batting practice sessions and maybe make one or two starts in the league. Usually, you don't really get into any games until 12 months after your surgery, but I'm just past 11 months and feel great.

I pitched last Saturday and was able to go three innings and only gave up one hit. I've thrown eight innings and have only given up three hits and no runs. I would love to get through my last outing without giving up a run. Mentally, it would just be huge for me. My pitches are moving pretty well and my velocity is usually around 88 miles per hour, but I did hit 90 on Saturday. I've struck out ten hitters, so something must be working right for me. Before the surgery, I was throwing in the mid-90s and they think that I should be able to build back up to that point before too long.

Saturday's outing was especially great, because my Dad and Grandfather were both here to see it. It felt almost like old times to be back on the mound and have them watching. Heck, it's a big thing just to have a uniform with my name on the back again. It's been a long time since I had really felt like a baseball player. This weekend I'll get to go home for a little while and will continue my workouts there. I'll probably take a week off and then do work on my lower body through November and work on my upper body and start throwing more in December. Of course, January comes around and I'll be back in Clearwater and will hopefully be almost as good as new. It's nice to get back into the usual routine again.

I've mentioned that Cole Hamels and I are roommates. Cole threw an inning on Tuesday and looked great! Needless to say, we're both psyched about how things are going.

Other than baseball, I've gone to a few movies. Friday Night Lights was awesome! Of course, being from Texas, a movie about Texas high school football is going to be something that I definitely want to see. I saw Ladder 49 too and that was pretty good. My latest addiction is Sex & The City. I started watching some of the reruns on HBO and got hooked. I stayed up all night watching the entire sixth season and then went out and bought the first five seasons on DVD. I've made it through the first four seasons and I'm really hooked. What an awesome show! It probably sounds a little weird, but somehow, I just got completely hooked and am loving it.

So, other than getting back on the mound and dealing with my Sex & The City addiction, there's not really much else going on. If you get a chance, definitely go see Friday Night Lights. It is seriously a great movie. I'll keep you posted on how the off-season workouts are going and will write on a more regular basis when we get back into camp. If you have any questions for me, feel free to pass them along and I'll try to answer them in an upcoming article. See you soon.

Editor's Note: You can e-mail Zack with any questions or thoughts that you may have. We'll pass along your e-mails for responses in an upcoming article.

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