Prospect Scouting Report: Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon spent his first season in the Phillies organization in 2004 and the results were mixed. Leon has some talent, but the Red Sox gave up on him and the Phillies signed him as a minor league free agent. If nothing else, Leon is at least a versatile type infielder who may be able to help in a utility role.

Carlos Leon was originally signed by the Red Sox as an amateur free agent in 1997. After spending six seasons in the Boston organization, Leon signed with the Phillies as an amateur free agent in December of 2003.

The 25 year old Leon is a decent hitter with above average speed, but has yet to show his ability to put up numbers that would make the Phillies believe that he has much of a major league future. Leon is talented and hit a career high .308 at Sarasota in 2000. Again though, his other numbers haven't been impressive enough to give him a solid prospect status.

In his six seasons in the Red Sox organization, Leon was a .264 hitter and stole 82 bases in 129 attempts.

2004 GCL 0 0 .429 2 7 1 3 0 0 0 0 1 .429
2004 Clearwater 1 14 .287 48 150 27 43 8 2 7 15 16 .365
2004 Reading 0 6 .128 26 78 7 10 2 1 4 6 12 .198
2004 Combined 1 20 .238 76 235 35 56 10 3 11 21 29 .312
Career 9 185 .257 604 1999 320 514 69 22 93 211 299 .341

Offense and Power: The Phillies haven't expected too much power out of Leon, which is good, because they haven't gotten it. He had a down season in 2004 at the plate, but even so, his overall minor league numbers aren't outstanding.

Baserunning and Speed: Leon has good speed - slightly above average - but isn't a top notch base stealer. He'll steal a base here and there and can also take an extra base on the basepaths if defensive players aren't careful.

Defense: Leon can play second, third and short and is capable defensively at all three spots. He has good hands and uses his speed to put himself in position to field the ball. His arm is a plus and he is accurate with his throws. He is also athletic enough to make the tough plays.

Projection: If nothing else, Leon is at least a player who can play a number of positions and help a team defensively. He will likely be back at Reading to start the 2005 season and isn't likely to move too quickly, even though his age will start to become a factor.

ETA: If Leon does make it to the majors - and that's not a certainty - he might be ready for a call-up in 2007 or to possibly win a job in the spring of 2008. By the time the 2008 season gets here, he'll be 28 and will have perhaps developed enough of a resume to be considered for a shot.

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