Terry Adams Returns to Battle for Bullpen Spot

Terry Adams has had his ups and downs, but generally, he's been a solid major league reliever. After experiencing those ups and downs last season in Toronto and Boston, the 31 year old Adams returns to the Phillies. It was in Philadelphia that Adams also experienced his share of ups and downs not too long ago.

Terry Adams looked like two different pitchers in 2004.

Early in the season, he was riding high as a key part of the Blue Jays' bullpen. He led the team with 42 appearances and had a 3.98 ERA. He was sharp enough that the Red Sox brought him to Boston in a deal with Toronto to help in their race toward a pennant.

That's when things took a turn for the worse.

With Boston, Adams was seemingly not the same pitcher that he had been in Toronto. By the end of the season, the Red Sox had pushed him to the bottom of the list as far as their relief options were concerned. Adams appeared in 19 games for Boston and had an ERA of 6.00.

When Adams first came to the Phillies in 2002, he signed as a free agent. The plan was to make him a starter and his contract had been loaded with incentives geared toward him working as a starting pitcher. After 19 starts, plans changed. Adams was moved to the bullpen and a contract that could have turned into a three-year deal had he reached certain levels as a starter, was now simply a one-year deal. However, Adams re-signed with the Phillies and put together strong numbers in 2003.

As a starter, Adams was 4-7, 5.00 with the Phillies. After moving to the bullpen, he went 3-2, 2.38 over the rest of the 2002 season and 1-4, 2.65 as a reliever with the 2003 Phillies.

Adams left the Phillies to sign with Toronto after the 2003 season. In ten major league seasons, Adams is 51-60, 4.04.

His new contract with the Phillies will pay him $500,000, but it doesn't guarantee him a spot on the roster. Adams will compete with Amaury Telemaco, Geoff Geary and newly acquired Nelson Liriano and Aaron Fultz.

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