Top Prospect #43: Kevin Rose

Some college players find themselves drafted even though their college careers weren't overly impressive. Kevin Rose is one of those guys who is getting a chance when many weren't convinced that he would be drafted. Not only did the Phillies draft him, but they took him in the 23rd round, much higher than Rose could have imagined.

If you're a fan of the "Moneyball" mentality, then there is no way Kevin Rose should have been drafted. One look at his stats from the University of San Francisco and you're instantly scratching your head. His best season was as a freshman when he posted a 3.82 ERA in 17 games. After that, his ERA wasn't below the six mark during his college career and reached a high of 8.13 in his sophomore season.

So, why did the Phillies bother to draft Rose? Especially in the mid-round (23rd) range. Sometimes, the scouting aspect takes over and scouts convince their bosses to look beyond the numbers. After all, Rose was out of college eligibility and the Phillies could have gambled that he wouldn't be drafted and they could go after him as an undrafted free agent.

What scouts saw was some raw talent, but much more. They saw in Rose a kid who was willing to do whatever it would take to get better. The word "coachable" constantly shows up in reports on Rose. That's why the Phillies signed him. They saw that quality when Rose reported to Batavia this past summer and he instantly absorbed as much help as he could from the coaching staff. Now, the Phillies wonder if Rose may be able to rise above those horrid college numbers and work toward a major league career.

2004 Batavia 5 3 3.63 0 22 0 0 44.2 54 24 18 24 45 1
Career 5 3 3.63 0 22 0 0 44.2 54 24 18 24 45 1

Acquired: Drafted out of the University of San Francisco in the 23rd round of the 2004 Draft.

Repertoire: Rose features a fastball and curve, with a decent change-up thrown in here and there. He is working on a slider, which the Phillies are stressing. He can work inside on hitters and isn't afraid to challenge them. His fastball is average and he'll need for one of his other pitches to develop if he's to make his mark.

Pitching: The Phillies figure that Rose will pick up the slider. He made great strides even during his college days. They also like the potential of his curve. His fastball won't get it done and his change-up is nice, but since he doesn't have enough of a fastball, it doesn't fool hitters enough.

Projection: Primarily, Rose was a starter in college, but isn't likely to work in that role for the Phillies. They had him in middle relief at Batavia and they figure that's where he's best suited. He pitched pretty well at Batavia and will probably be pushed along to Lakewood in 2005.

ETA: If Rose does continue to move through the ranks - and there are some that doubt whether he will make it to the upper levels of the minors - it's going to take a little time. A league per season isn't likely. He'll probably spend a couple seasons in at least one level along the way, meaning that he wouldn't push for the majors before 2010.

Comparison: Some believe that Rose could learn a lot from watching Amaury Telemaco. Neither have overpowering or overly impressive stuff, but Telemaco is finding a way to contribute and Rose may be able to do the same.

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