Top Prospect #33: The Biola Boys

Sam Orr and Carl Galloway were college teammates at Biola University. Both were power hitters, leaving their mark in the Biola record books. Now, they're both looking to move through the ranks of the Phillies organization together and set some marks there.

Carl Galloway

Carl Galloway has some work to do before he truly shows what he is all about as a potential major leaguer. The good news is that Galloway doesn't shy away from hard work and he definitely has enough talent to put it all together. The Phillies love Galloway's personality. He's outgoing and brings a great attitude to the organization. He has the potential to truly be a great team leader and someone that other players will look up to.

Defensively, Galloway is pretty raw at first base, but then again, it's not his natural position. Galloway was primarily a catcher prior to moving to first base in the Phillies organization, so there is a lot to learn. He'll get plenty of time and work in defensively and should become at least adequate around the first base bag.

Offensively, some scouts believe that Galloway could become a major surprise out of the 2004 Draft. With some work and adjustments, it is believed that Galloway will develop better than average power and can put up impressive offensive numbers across the board. It's all a matter of work and continuing to develop. Keep an eye on how Galloway progresses, because it should be exciting.

2004 Gulf Coast 0 2 .259 9 27 3 7 0 0 0 0 0 5 .259
2004 Batavia 5 15 .210 42 157 14 33 7 1 2 2 7 49 .248
Career 5 17 .217 51 184 17 40 7 1 2 2 7 54 .250

Acquired: Drafted out of Biola University in the 11th round of the 2004 Draft.

Batting and Power: There is definite power potential from Galloway. He tends to swing at a lot of bad pitches though and it's a habit that he's going to have to break if he's going to really reach his potential. If he learns to stay away from bad pitches and wait for ones he can do something with, Galloway has the potential to not just hit the long ball, but to boost his average considerably. He is Biola University's leader in career homeruns with 45.

Baserunning and Speed: Galloway has some speed, but it's not a key ingredient in his game. He'll steal an occasional base, but needs to simply concentrate more on getting on base. When he's running the bases, he stays focused and can be aggressive when the situation calls for it.

Defense: This is where it gets tricky. Keep in mind though that first base is all new to Galloway and he needs time to show what he can do. If anything holds him back with the Phillies, it will be his defense. Down the road, he may be a player more suited to being a DH at the major league level.

Projection: The Phillies may determine that Galloway needs more work and may hold him in extended spring training until the season starts at Batavia. It's likely that the Phillies will have to decide between sending either Galloway or Buck Shaw to Lakewood to start the year and keeping the other one in extended spring camp. Shaw was impressive late in the season in the GCL and may get the nod.

ETA: With a lot of work to do, Galloway may take a little time to reach the majors. He's worth the work and the wait though. It may be 2010 until Galloway is really getting much of a look for major league consideration.

Comparison: Right now, there are comparisons to Ricky Jordan, another guy who showed a lot of potential. In Jordan's case, he tailed off and never realized that potential. It doesn't have to be that way with Galloway. A better comparison would be Chase Utley. While Utley was less of a project and moved quicker than Galloway is likely to, both have offensive potential, while their defense will be a bit of a question mark.

Sam Orr

While Galloway set Biola's career mark for homeruns, the single season mark belongs to Sam Orr, who hit 24 homeruns in 2003. He finished his college career with 43, just two behind Galloway's career mark. It's possible that the career mark would be Orr's had he not played most of his final season at Biola with a groin injury. In fact, that injury probably dropped him a couple rounds in the draft.

There is definitely some work to do on Orr's swing. He gets a little exaggerated at times and will need to shorten his swing if he is going to reach the potential that many see in his future. His first professional season didn't provide much of a glimpse at the kind of player that the Phillies believe Orr can be down the road.

Watch for Orr to potentially move to a position other than shortstop. Third base, second base and left field are all possibilities and the Phillies will have to take a long look at him to decide where they ultimately want him to focus his time defensively.

2004 Batavia 5 21 .228 57 219 15 50 8 2 4 1 12 64 .272
Career 5 21 .228 57 219 15 50 8 2 4 1 12 64 .272

Acquired: Drafted out of Biola University in the 8th round of the 2004 Draft.

Batting and Power: Orr has definite power potential. To really maximize his talent, he needs to shorten his swing. Some scouts are concerned that he won't develop the bat speed that he needs to become a strong major league hitter. His numbers at Batavia weren't eye-popping, but give him time. There were a lot of adjustments for Orr to make and he should show much more in the very near future.

Baserunning and Speed: Speed isn't going to get Orr to the majors. He is a smart baserunner and an aggressive overall player who does nice things on the bases when given the opportunity to take an extra base here and there.

Defense: Probably doesn't have enough range to play at shortstop long-term. He does have quick reactions and an above average arm which could serve him well at third base and a move to left field could also be considered.

Projection: Ideally, the Phillies would have liked to keep Orr and Galloway together, helping them to adjust to the professional ranks. Most of last season, they were both at Batavia, but they may split this season. It's possible that Orr will stay in extended spring training, but don't be surprised if he starts the year at Lakewood. Also, don't be surprised if Galloway catches up and the two finish the season together as members of the BlueClaws.

ETA: Orr could be a bit ahead of Galloway when all is said and done and get a look by 2009. His defense won't be as much of a factor as will Galloway's because there are more options with Orr.

Comparison: There has been a comparison made to Darryl Strawberry. That may be a little lofty. Again, some scouts see a less developed Chase Utley when they look at Sam Orr.

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