Carl Galloway's On-Line Journal

Carl Galloway joins <i></i> with his own on-line journal, starting with today's first entry. Galloway, who was the Phillies 11th round pick in the 2004 Draft, is getting ready for minor league camp and will keep fans updated on what's happening with both his career and his personal life throughout the season.

I just finished moving back home to Carlsbad, California, which is just north of San Diego. I spent nearly the entire off-season living with some of my buddies from college. I only lived about an hour north of my house so it was still easy for me to come home and visit.

I had a lot of fun during the off-season but I got a lot of work done, too. I was able to practice with my college team and do all the drills and fundamental work that they were doing so that I could get ready for spring training.

Speaking of spring training, I just started packing today to get ready to head to Florida for my first spring in a minor league camp. I'm really excited to go back and start playing again because it's been so long.

I know the first few days are going to be tough, because of the change in time zones and having to adjust to the humidity in Florida. I've been running a lot over the winter so I'll be sure to pass the conditioning test that we have coming up. I'm not a very fast runner, so I have to work at doing everything right to get the most speed possible.

But, right now I'm at home enjoying some time with my parents and keeping up my running program for these last few days before I go back to Florida and get back to the daily grind of professional baseball. I'll keep you updated every couple of weeks with how it's all going.

Editor's Note: Carl Galloway's on-line journal will be posted approximately every two weeks. If you have a question or comment for Carl, you can e-mail them to and we'll pass them along so he can address them in a future journal. Watch for upcoming journals from Phillies prospects Matt Squires and Zack Segovia.

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