Carl Galloway's On-Line Journal: New Beginnings

Carl Galloway takes us inside the minor league clubhouse with a look at his first full professional season of baseball. In this installment, Galloway talks about the rigors of minor league camp and getting to know a lot of new faces. Plus, there's news of a minor injury that he suffered very early in camp.

One thing I can tell you about minor league camp is that it's definitely not easy. The workouts and the things that we do are pretty much what I expected, but we go a lot longer than I would have thought. Generally, I get to the field by around 6:30 in the morning and I'm not home until around 5:00 that night. It's a constant list of things to do; weights, hitting, fielding, meetings and of course, now we actually get to play in games. Then after that, I head home and relax for a while before I go to be and get up the next day and do it all again.

One of the first days in camp, I started getting some pain in my knee. It's nothing serious, but I have to do some extra work in the training room first thing in the morning and spend some time later in the day icing it down. There wasn't anything specific that caused the pain, it was just from all of the pounding and extra work that was added to my regular workouts when I got into camp. I've been able to play with it and it won't cause any major problems for me. It's really just that I have to take the extra time to take care of it until it's better.

For now, it looks like I may be headed to Low-A Lakewood. They've told me that there is a potential roster spot there for me, but I've got to play my way into it. I can't just assume that I'll be there. Believe me, I'm doing everything that I can to prove that I deserve that spot and that I can handle it. The coaches have been great and they've made it easy for me to ask for help and I'm taking full advantage of that.

There are a lot of new people to get to know. I'm with some of the players that I played with last summer, but there are a lot of new faces. Nick Italiano and I are roommates and I spend a lot of time with Buck Shaw, who was a teammate of mine in the Gulf Coast League last summer. Most of the time thought, I stick pretty close to home. When I think about spending the energy to get ready to go out and then think about possibly losing some sleep, it just doesn't seem worth it. The workouts and games really do take a lot out of you, so I prefer not to go out much and to just focus on being sharp for the next day.

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