Minor League Notebook

Minor leaguers have spring training, too. There's actually a lot going on away from the spotlight of the major league club. With his notebook in hand, Paul Warren of <i>PhillyBaseballNews.com</i>, headed for the Carpenter Complex to get a glimpse of what's happening with the prospects.

Everyday, there are plenty of minor league games going on in Clearwater and the surrounding areas. They're not nearly as publicized, but they're important, because they help to determine exactly where players will wind up for the 2005 season. Here's a look at how some of the players are shaping up.

Rob Tejeda has looked good, just as he did in camp with the big club. He threw five strong innings for the AAA squad on Wednesday, giving up just one run. The Red Barons starting staff could be interesting with Tejeda, Keith Bucktrot and eventually, Gavin Floyd. Mike Bacsik, who will also be part of the rotation, threw four shutout innings for the major league club on Thursday in their final Florida spring game.

Bucktrot combined with Clay Condrey and Sean Fesh to give up just one run on five hits the other day. Bucktrot struggled early this spring with the major league club, but has looked much better of late in the minor league camp. Bucktrot allowed just one run on two hits, while striking out five in 5.2 innings of work.

Geoff Geary was on fire the other day. He faced five hitters and literally blew them away, striking out all five. Geary was a little disappointed by his demotion back to AAA, but he's handled it well and could easily work his way back to Philly.

Ryan Barthelemy and Michael Bourn each went 2-for-3 with a double the other day. Bourn continues to play well and it appears that the Phillies did the right thing in promoting him all the way to AA Reading for 2005. It's going to be interesting to see Bourn and Roberson on the same roster.

Nick Evangelista has looked pretty good this spring, but has been somewhat inconsistent at times. On Tuesday, he worked 1.2 innings and all five outs came on strikeouts. The bad news is that he gave up two runs in the outing. Evangelista looked dominant against some hitters and then seemingly was overmatched against others.

Juan Richardson is one of the players that you should probably pay attention to this season. He's been held back by injuries, but he's healthy and should be set for a big season. He launched a homerun on Wednesday and has looked good throughout the spring.

In the Lakewood camp, Sam Orr has looked very good. He's swinging the bat well and is one of the hardest working players in camp. Sean Gamble and Jason Jaramillo continue to be the big offensive news for the BlueClaws. Both have looked very strong and Gamble chipped in three hits on Tuesday. Jaramillo has also shown some good plate discipline.

Tim Moss took the opportunity to talk to Kenny Lofton a little the other day when the two were paired on the same club. Lofton was rehabbing a pulled hamstring and Moss spent a little time picking his brain about hitting leadoff. After a tough start to the season in '04, Moss looks to truly establish himself as a solid prospect, who is on the right path to the majors.

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