Frith's Faith Pulling Him Through A Tough Season

Ryan Frith is the Lakewood BlueClaws 24-year old outfield prospect who is hitting .288 through his first 16 games of the South Atlantic League season. Despite hitting only a pedestrian .243 at Batavia, he has found success with Lakewood and has played a respectable outfield to boot. Frith admits to being pleased with his start, but laments his achievements in comparison to team success.

"I started off good and I'm pretty pleased with how I started. It's always tough when the team's losing though." says Frith.

Obviously, it is difficult for anyone to be pleased playing on a team that is 7 and 20 on the season, but he is confident this team can get the ship righted and make a run at competitiveness. "We're a good team. We just haven't put it all together yet. The biggest thing is that we are going to come hard and play everyday." said Frith. Frith was one of several BlueClaw players who played in the Florida Instructional League this winter and he believes their experiences together will help them put it all together shortly. "Definitely. At a personal level., it clicks. It helps you build friendships." says Frith. These friendships help the teammates not get too down in the team's current struggles.

Frith does admit things would be easier if the team improved on its poor opening season record. "Whenever you're winning, everything is easier. It helps guys to have fun and makes everything more fun when the team is winning." says Frith.

The steady and productive Frith isn't overly concerned about where he plays this season so long as he can be productive and help a team, any team, be competitive. "I just want to do what I can to help the team out. All I can do is come to play every day and continue to work hard and play." says Frith, on whether he is concerned about being promoted to Clearwater at some point during the season. Frith is unconcerned though, because his deep faith in God helps to carry him through the ups and downs of a long season.

Although he says his Dad first introduced him to the game when he was young, he says this exposure could not account for the heights of his professional career. Says Frith, "My dad introduced me to the game but for where my career has gone, I have to give all the credit to God."

Frith possesses a deep spirituality and even lists church as one of his hobbies. He makes God a bedrock of his life and trusts that God's will allows what is meant to be to happen. "I turn to God because I have to be consistent with Him if I want to be consistent in other aspects of my life. I pray to God to help me when I'm struggling and give Him the credit when I'm doing well." says the 24-year old.

Frith believes that the team cannot simply chalk up the first half and turn its attention to the second half, even as they sit 12 games behind first-place Hagerstown in the South Atlantic League Northern Division. "We have to start now and make a run now. We're a good team and eventually it's just gonna click."

He thinks if his teammates continue to play hard things will turn around. "Baseball's a funny game but I think if we continue to play hard that it will happen." says Frith.

His manager, PJ Forbes agrees.

"We saw flashes of it for a couple of days in Greensboro but then we lost a couple of games and it faded." said the BlueClaws manager when discussing the effort level of his team and his expectations. It is this effort level that will determine how successful the BlueClaws and Frith will be this season. Frith has the fire and competitiveness to be a big league player someday but for the BueClaws, their season could be determined by how well they put forth the required effort, not just for a few games at a time but for extended periods.

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