Progress Reports: Prospects 21-30

As we continue up our list of the top 50 prospects in the organization, checking on how each is doing, we're up into the prospects ranked between 21 and 30 on our pre-season list. Many of these players have found their way to Lakewood and have had mixed results.

21. Carlos Carrasco (P) - After a nice debut season in the Gulf Coast League last summer, Carlos Carrasco has struggled this season in Lakewood. In ten starts, Carrasco is 1-6 with a 6.62 ERA. He has generally struggled since the start of the season, with just a couple of strong performances to show for the year. Carrasco has been up in the zone and leads the team in homeruns allowed with nine in 50 1/3 innings. Last season, Carrasco allowed just two homeruns in 48 innings of work.

22. Dan Giese (P) - Giese certainly hasn't been dominant at AAA Scranton this season. He has been inconsistent, at times, looking like he is on the verge of dominance and at other times simply being dominated by opposing hitters. Giese has plenty of AAA experience, so it's not a matter of needing to adjust. Giese (3-3, 5.18) has pitched in 21 games, throwing 33 innings. Opponents are hitting .304 against him.

23. John Hardy (SS/2B) - It's been a tough season for Hardy, to say the least. Hardy hit .272 at Batavia last season and seemed completely ready for the jump to Lakewood. That hasn't been the case. Hardy has struggled his way to a .120 average this season with the BlueClaws and is now firmly stuck behind Sam Orr and Michael Dzurilla in the middle infield spots. While he has potential, Hardy appears to be falling off the pace and looks to need a lot more work and time before he can truly advance in the system.

24. Jason Jaramillo (C) - The Phillies certainly aren't pushing Jaramillo, who many consider to be their catcher of the future. With injuries at the higher levels, Jaramillo could have been moved to Clearwater, but the Phillies resisted the temptation. He's hitting .299 with Lakewood and all reports on him are very good. With Mike Lieberthal's option for 2006 vesting, the Phillies may have simply decided that there is no reason to rush Jaramillo up the ladder. Instead, they'll give him a little more time at each level, but he'll still likely hit Clearwater before the end of the season.

There's no telling how far Terry Jones might be in his climb to the majors if not for all of the injuries that he's suffered. Because of the injuries, Jones still hasn't played this season. (Photo by Patrick Teale)

25. Terry Jones (3B) - Injuries continue to plague Jones and his return is again taking longer than expected. It's looking bleaker and bleaker for Jones' future with the Phillies or any other organization for that matter.

26. Ryan Frith (OF) - Frith hit his fourth homerun of the season Tuesday night in a 3-for-5 performance against Hagerstown. Frith is now hitting .320 for Lakewood and has been one of the more consistent and impressive players in the organization. Playing primarily in right field, Frith has made just two errors. The fact remains that Frith can still get better if he develops more patience and a better eye at the plate. He's struck out 36 times and walked just 12 in 125 at bats, covering 38 games. Once he conquers that hurdle, Frith will become even more impressive.

27. Lee Gwaltney (P) - Very early in spring training, Gwaltney was quietly released by the Phillies. The word is that he was mainly responsible for a night club incident in which Cole Hamels wound up in a fight and broke his hand. The Phillies reportedly determined that Gwaltney had been the instigator in the fight and they decided that they wouldn't tolerate that type of behavior, so he was gone. He has since signed on in the Cubs organization.

Louis Marson has made some adjustments and is learning how to hit with a wood bat. Keep an eye on him once the short-season New York / Penn League begins. (Photo by Patrick Teale)

28. Louis Marson (C) - Probably the most impressive hitter in extended camp, Marson is simply waiting for the season to begin at Batavia. He's generally thought to be behind Jaramillo on the depth chart, but many believe that when the fall rolls around, Marson may have put himself ahead of Jaramillo in the eyes of most scouts. He has a pure, natural swing and hit .257 in the GCL last season. The popular belief is that he simply needed time to adjust to a wood bat, but now that he's adjusted, he can show what he's capable of doing.

29. Ryan Hutchison (P) - Hutchison started the season in Reading and struggled badly. In two games, Hutchison had a 13.50 ERA and simply looked completely lost on the mound not only in games, but in bullpen sessions. He had struggled all spring to find his mechanics. Even though he pitched well at Clearwater and Reading last season, the Phillies simply decided to release him. Some have said that he came into camp out of shape and that the Phillies didn't have much faith in his commitment to the game. So far, he hasn't hooked on with another affiliated team.

30. Carlos Ruiz (C) - One of the big stories of 2004 was Carlos Ruiz hitting 17 homeruns and hitting .284 with Reading. He got the expected promotion to AAA Scranton this spring and was hitting .286 with one homerun in 70 at bats when he suffered a leg injury and wound up on the DL. Word is that he's rehabbing well and shouldn't miss too much more time for the Red Barons. If all goes well, Ruiz appears headed for a September call-up and possibly to win the backup catching job with the big league club in 2006.

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