Progress Report: Prospects 11-20

Our look at how some of the top prospects are progressing this season continues with prospects 11 through 20 in the Phillies' system. A couple of these prospects have been seriously slowed by injuries throughout their careers, but still have enough potential to be interesting.

11. Yoel Hernandez (P) - After starting the season on the DL, Hernandez has made his way to AAA Scranton. He is a combined 3-2, 4.15 in 15 appearances with Clearwater, Reading and Scranton. After a slow start with Clearwater, Hernandez has seen his control and velocity increase with his stops in Reading and Scranton. He appears to have shook off any lingering effects of his injury and appears poised to make a run at pitching in the majors late this season.

Martire Franco isn't getting too many opportunities to close out games, but he's looked good pitching for AAA Scranton.

12. Martire Franco (P) - Franco is quietly having a nice season with the Red Barons. In 20 relief appearances, he's notched two saves with a 3-2, 3.30 season mark. Franco led the Reading Phillies with 15 saves last season, but hasn't been the "go to" guy in closer spots with Scranton this season - Franklin Perez is doing that job and has nine saves - but Franco has the ability to pitch either as a set-up man or to come in to close games.

13. Chris Roberson (OF) - Roberson hasn't appeared fazed by the addition of outfielder Michael Bourn to the AA roster. Bourn's unexpected promotion seemed to point to him being the top dog in the battle for center fielder of the future in the organization. Roberson has been consistent for Reading both offensively and defensively. Roberson is currently hitting .291 and has nine stolen bases, ranking him second on the team behind Bourn, who has 13. Roberson has also made just three errors while switching back and forth between center field and right field with Bourn.

14. Edgar Garcia (P) - The Phillies haven't officially unveiled their 17 year old wunderkind yet, but the unveiling should come this summer when the short-season leagues open. It's likely that the Phillies will start him in the Gulf Coast League, but considering how well he has pitched in extended spring camp, it's not out of the question that he'll at least get a pretty quick promotion to Batavia or even start the season with the MuckDogs depending on how the rosters take shape.

15. Greg Kubes (P) - Rather than coming into camp and fighting for a spot with the big league club, Kubes was surprisingly released. His experience with the Phillies has sort of soured him on baseball after he put up strong numbers and seemingly was passed over for better opportunities. He hasn't resurfaced with any affiliated teams so far.

16. Juan Richardson (3B) - You have to love the patience that the Phillies have shown with Richardson. By now, he was supposed to have blossomed and should have at least been pushing his way toward a starting job in the majors if not already there. Instead, the 26 year old has battled injuries and has struggled offensively and is still at AA Reading. Every now and then there are flashes of his seemingly lost potential - Monday night, he went 4-for-5 with two homeruns - but he is hitting just .211 at Reading and leads the club in errors with 12.

Jorge Padilla's injuries have been a key factor in slowing his progress, but he's not completely derailed yet. He was activated Wednesday and went 2-for-5 with Clearwater.

17. Jorge Padilla (OF) - Padilla is somewhat in the class of Juan Richardson in that he has suffered a number of injuries that have definitely slowed his career. Like Richardson, Padilla had been figured to be pushing for a major league job by now, but he is just starting his season. He started the season in extended camp and was just added to the Clearwater roster on Wednesday. The good news is that he went 2-for-5 in his first game with the Threshers. Padilla played at AAA last season and hit .253 in 117 games with Scranton.

Ryan Barthelemy hasn't had the chance to build on his breakout season at Clearwater in 2004. The presence of Randy Ruiz has made getting playing time tougher for Barthelemy. It hasn't helped that his performance at the plate has struggled too. (Photo by Patrick Teale)

18. Ryan Barthelemy (1B) - After a strong season at Clearwater in 2004 - 14 homeruns, 77 RBI, .295 average - Barthelemy seemed on the right track. Unfortunately for Barthelemy, Randy Ruiz had an even better season at Lakewood - 17 homeruns, 91 RBI, .288 average - and skipped over Clearwater to take the first base job with Reading. That has left Barthelemy as a part-time player as the higher profile Ruiz gets most of the playing time. Barthelemy is hitting .238 with one homerun and six RBI in 40 games with Reading this season.

19. Francisco Butto (P) - Butto started the season at Clearwater and pitched well - 1-2, 3.49 in 17 games - earning himself a promotion to AA Reading. Things haven't gone as well for Butto in AA where he is 0-1, 4.91 in his three games. Butto seems to need time to adjust, but since he just turned 25, the heat is starting to rise on him to move through the system at a quicker pace than he has been able to so far.

20. Beau Richardson (P) - Since camp started, Richardson had been struggling with his control and things didn't get better once the season started. In 20 innings at Clearwater, Richardson had walked 12 hitters and was 0-1, 7.65 through 15 appearances with the Threshers. The Phillies figured they could do better and released Richardson on Wednesday.

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