Phils Look For Quality Targets In Round Two

The Phillies first draft pick isn't until the second round - the 65th overall to be exact - but there will still be talent to find. Heck, the Phillies got Scott Rolen in the second round and back in '89, Cleveland got Jim Thome in the 13th round. So, with that in mind, whose name will the Phillies call for their first pick of the draft?

The word is that the Phillies may look for a third baseman with their first pick, which actually doesn't come until the second round. If they go for pitching, look for them to likely stick to drafting a college pitcher who they believe will move through the ranks pretty quickly.

Of course, with the draft being what it is, they could go in a completely different direction. With that in mind, we've kept our minds open in trying to devine who the Phillies will take when pick number 65 rolls around.

Position Players

Mike Costanzo - The Phillies will likely target a third baseman with their first pick - 65th overall - and Costanzo is both likely to still be there and would also fit the bill for the type of player that the Phillies would be interested in. The left-handed hitting Costanzo hit .385 at Coastal Carolina this season with 11 homeruns and 52 RBI. He exhibited some power in the Cape Cod League and isn't just another offensive threat. It doesn't hurt that he's from nearby Springfield, PA and that he graduated from Archbishop Carroll before heading off to college.

Justin Smoak - The Phillies have depth at first base, so Smoak is a long shot. He's a switch-hitter and has above average defensive skills with solid offensive skills. He's drawn some comparisons to Mark Grace, which should interest any team. The reason why the Phillies might have an interest in Smoak? He's a high schooler and seems to have enough athleticism that he may be able to move to the other side of the diamond. He hit .558 with 18 homeruns this past season.

Reese Havens - Havens has primarily played shortstop during his high school career, but has played at third on occasion and most scouts believe that a full-time switch to the hot corner wouldn't be too much of a stretch for him to handle. He has good defensive skills and a pure, sweet swing that some believe shows power potential down the road. Some have compared his mechanics to that of Hank Blalock or David Wright, which is a pretty lofty comparison. He hit just five homeruns this past season, so any power is something that would have to be developed as he matures.

Ivan DeJesus - Yes, he's the son of the former Phillie, which would make for an interesting pick. His Dad played with the Phillies from '82-'84 and was a popular fixture with the club. The younger version has the same slick skills that his Dad always showed and he knows the game of baseball inside and out. He's fundamentally very strong and attending the Puerto Rico Military Academy has drilled plenty of discipline into him. He's a switch-hitting shortstop, who turned 18 on May 1st. He hit .385 this past season and won't be much of a power hitter. Most scouts believe he'll be very much like his father with perhaps slightly better skills.

Brian Pettway - Pettway is a classic example of a kid who did what he had to do to make himself better. A year ago, Pettway was pushing 220 pounds on a 6' 1" frame and he didn't carry the weight very well. He lost 20 pounds which has amplified all of the natural skills that he had. He's much more athletic after having lost nearly 10% of his body weight and his bat speed is way up over where it was a year ago. Perhaps another season at Mississippi would make him an even more attractive choice, but it's likely that will only happen if he falls out of the top five or six rounds. He's ready to be a minor leaguer now. This past season, he hit .415 with 17 homeruns in 83 at bats with Mississippi and projects to have awesome power. He's a first baseman, but with the better athleticism, there's a chance that he could switch to third or the outfield if the Phillies wanted him to.


Lance Broadway - Pitchers who already have a strong curveball seem to interest the Phillies. If that's true again this year, Broadway may be coming to Philadelphia. As the 6' 4"  ace of the Texas Christian staff, Broadway showed off his curve plenty of times on his way to a 12-1, 1.94 record this season. In 93 innings, the right-hander allowed 70 hits and 30 walks while striking out 125 hitters. That means that 45 % of the outs that he recorded came by way of strikeout.

Matt Garza - Here's a kid with somewhat of a bulldog mentality. He's a 6' 4" right-hander from Fresno State who did wind up saving one game this season. His numbers aren't as impressive as many of the others who may still be around when the Phillies draft, but they're certainly not bad. He posted a 3.19 ERA and struck out 108 in 93 innings of work. This is a kid who could develop into a strong candidate to be a closer down the road.

Garrett Olson - This lefty isn't quite as big as most scouts like to see - He's an even six feet tall - but he's got good movement on his pitches and can pitch deep into games. This past season, he averaged just over seven innings per game (120 innings in 17 games), which shows how deep he can pitch, but also shows some mileage on his arm. The upside is that he is a junior, so he hasn't been through as many college seasons and doesn't have as many innings, overall, on his arm. If the Phils do draft him look for them to "rest" him by having him pitch out of the bullpen in one of the short-season leagues.

Brian Matusz - A high school left-hander who will be a project. He has good mechanics and pitching just seems to come naturally to him. He also has an above average curveball for a high school kid. If the Phillies are looking to be patient and have it pay off, this could be the way to go. Like Olson, he pitches deep, going 77 innings in 11 games while giving up just 21 hits and 19 walks. He struck out 137 - a full 59% of the outs that he recorded. His senior season ERA was an awesome 0.55 at St.Mary's High School in Arizona.

Vance Worley - This is a kid who seems to have it all together mechanically. Scouts rave about his fluid motion and he has a nice, steady release and easy arm action that has helped to boost his velocity. He's 6' 2" and doesn't have quite the mileage on his young arm that Matusz does, which may make him a little more attractive. Worley, a right-hander, averaged just over five innings per game this past season and finished with a mark of 4-3, 1.71 at McClatchy High School in Sacramento.

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