Phillies Deal Worrell To D'Backs; Get Kata

After struggles on and off the field, Tim Worrell is now an ex-Phillie. The Phillies completed a deal with Arizona to send the 38 year old right-hander to the D'Backs for utility infielder Matt Kata. The deal is a welcome relief for Worrell.

It was part business decision and part doing a good thing for a player. The Phillies dealt pitcher Tim Worrell to Arizona Thursday night for infielder Matt Kata.

Matt Kata has played nearly every position for the Diamondbacks and had a .253 career average in the majors coming into this season.
Worrell, who spent two months on the disabled list because of "personal issues", will now have the chance to pitch closer to where his four kids live in Arizona. It's thought that the move will help Worrell mentally, which could turn around his disappointing season. "He expressed an interest in pitching closer to home and we tried to see if there was a deal out there that could accommodate both him and the club," said Phillies General Manager Ed Wade.

The Phillies get infielder Matt Kata from Arizona. Kata, who is 27, was at AAA Tucson and was hitting .312 with three homeruns and 28 RBI. "We think Matt can contribute to the big-league club," said Wade. "He's a versatile player and brings a lot of skills." Kata has played every position except left field and catcher in the majors. Kata came into the season as a career .253 hitter with Arizona, having played in 120 major league games over the past two seasons. This season, he was hitting .194 in 31 at bats with Arizona.

Matt Kata's career Major League stats

2003 Arizona 7 29 .257 78 288 42 74 16 5 25 53 3 2
2004 Arizona 2 13 .247 42 162 17 40 9 2 13 29 4 1
2005 Arizona 0 0 .194 30 31 6 6 2 1 5 4 0 1
Career 9 42 .249 150 481 65 120 27 8 43 86 7 4

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