Ten Players Who Deserve Promotions

Let's face it, the season is winding down. The Phillies minor league clubs have struggled this year, but there are some individuals who seem ready for a trip to the next level. Here are ten players who look like they could do well at a higher level.

Chris Roberson - The young center field prospect has shown enough at AA Reading to deserve a shot at AAA late in the season. Some scouts believe he could even handle a look with the Phillies in September and that's not out of the question. If that is at all a consideration though, now would be the time to send Roberson to Scranton to give him a month or so of AAA exposure before pushing him any harder.

Chris Rojas - Not long ago, Rojas had a short-lived promotion to AAA, but he deserves to be there full-time. Plus, at 28, it's time for Rojas to put up or shut up at higher levels. He's pitched very well at Reading and has shown a lot of development this season. If he can't handle AAA, then at least the Phillies will know that. If he can handle it, he can come into camp next spring and potentially fight for a job with the Phillies or at least be available as an insurance policy at Scranton.

Jake Blalock - No, he's not exactly tearing up the Florida State League, but he's putting up solid numbers and it would be interesting to see what he might be able to do at Reading. The 22 year old Blalock has huge potential and there is no doubt that the Phillies are very high on him. He's got a .364 OBP at Clearwater and has made just two errors all season. The numbers are solid across the board, give him a promotion!

Marc Tugwell - Here's a guy who has flown under the radar. At 24 though, time is wasting. He's been a team leader both on and off the field for the Threshers this season and a look at the AA level wouldn't be out of the question. He's actually gotten more at bats this season than he had last year at Lakewood and there's not much more for him to do at Clearwater over the next month. Tugwell leads the Threshers with a .292 average.

Nick Evangelista - The 23 year old Evangelista has been impressive at Clearwater. He has shown good control and has been a workhorse, leading Clearwater with 37 appearances. No other pitcher has been in more than 27 games for the Threshers. Evangelista is poised and knows how to handle himself on the mound, so from a mental side, he should be able to handle the move, even if things don't go perfectly for him at first.

Doug Gredvig - This is another guy who has flown under the radar. Gredvig is 25 - he turns 26 in a couple weeks - and has shown a lot of improvement as the season has progressed. Nobody expects Gredvig to become a star, but he could be a serviceable utility player for the Phillies at some point. His age is certainly against him and he needs to move quickly if he is to have a shot at doing very much at the big league level. The fact that the Phillies don't consider him a prime prospect, means that they aren't likely to worry about what he may be able to do at a higher level. Gredvig has a good eye at the plate and has posted a .422 OBP.

Ryan Frith - This is a guy who is quickly getting more and more attention. He leads Lakewood in homeruns and is second in RBI. He's got a solid .286 average and has been able to adjust well and quickly to everything that the Phillies have thrown at him. Defensively, he's showing a lot of progress as well, making him even more attractive. A few weeks in Clearwater would be interesting for the 22 year old Frith to experience. Like Gredvig, Frith has a birthday coming up in about ten days and a ticket to Clearwater would make for a heck of a gift.

Jacob Barrack - All season long, Barrack has done a simply awesome job out of the Lakewood bullpen. Barrack pitched in 9 games late last season at Lakewood and has notched another 36 this season, posting a 2.15 ERA with 10 saves. The 23 year old definitely has potential and some work at Clearwater before the season ends would likely do him well.

Clay Harris - What is it with all of the August birthdays? Clay Harris turns 23 in on August 25th and he has been impressive with the MuckDogs. He's hitting .308 and leads the team in at bats. He used up all of his eligibility at LSU, a big school with a strong baseball program, so he's handled pressure in the past and has had a lot of strong coaching and exposure. He's on track to start next season with Lakewood and a few extra weeks wouldn't be a bad thing.

Kyle Kendrick - Last season with Batavia, Kendrick struggled, going 2-8, 5.48 with the 'Dogs. This season, he's put it together and has looked like a different pitcher out there. Nobody ever doubted Kendrick's talent, but they were a little surprised that he didn't adjust quicker. Now that he's adjusted, it's time for a visit to Lakewood and an opportunity with the BlueClaws. He's a lock to start 2006 with Lakewood and an early promotion may help prevent any adjustment issues that he would have starting there next season.

2005 stats through August 5th

Chris Rojas 12 6 4.08 0 20 20 123.2 122 61 56 33 102
Nick Evangelista 7 6 3.03 2 37 0 68.1 54 26 23 20 68
Jacob Barrack 4 4 2.15 10 36 0 50.1 39 17 12 10 61
Kyle Kendrick 3 2 3.63 0 9 9 57.0 57 27 23 15 45
Chris Roberson 14 60 .320 110 444 74 142 20 7 34 81 27
Jake Blalock 10 47 .282 105 394 42 111 15 0 49 80 9
Marc Tugwell 7 33 .292 84 291 40 85 16 0 23 47 2
Doug Gredvig 10 49 .301 72 249 39 75 15 0 48 45 1
Ryan Frith 13 49 .286 86 308 46 88 22 2 23 87 8
Clay Harris 1 24 .308 39 159 21 49 15 1 10 32 1

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