Burgamy Takes Adjusting In Stride

The addition of Brian Burgamy from the Rule 5 Draft isn't exactly the biggest news in the world. For Burgamy though, the news was surprising, but now he realizes that he just needs to continue doing what he has been doing all along - adjust.

"It's kind of weird," admitted Brian Burgamy talking about being drafted by the Phillies in the Rule 5 Draft. "I was looking forward to going to Arizona for spring training and heading out from there." Now, Burgamy will be headed to sunny Florida for spring training in Clearwater and likely heading north from there to either AA Reading or AAA Scranton. "I haven't played much on the east coast. A few times in college summer leagues, but that's about it," said Burgamy.

Defensively, Burgamy is considered strong. He has a good arm and a good instinct on how to play a number of different positions, which is good since he's played in left field, center field, third base and second base. Some observers have noted that Burgamy seems most comfortable in the outfield, but Burgamy thinks it's just a matter of familiarity. "That's just because I've played there more. I played a lot of outfield early in my career and I'm most used to that. With time though, I could adapt to playing wherever they want me to play. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make myself more valuable," said Burgamy.

With the Phillies taking Burgamy in the AA phase of the draft, just what kind of player did they get? "I'm not a power hitter," laughed Burgamy. "I just try to get on base and go from there." Early in his career, the Padres started stressing to Burgamy that he had to cut down on his strikeouts and develop more plate discipline. He took that to heart and when he moved to the leadoff spot in 2003, became a walking machine. Burgamy came up just short of the Ft.Wayne franchise record when he drew 78 walks. The down side was that he also struck out 98 times and was having trouble putting the bat on the ball. "I'm definitely working on cutting down on my strikeouts. I focus on just making contact and staying away from the bad pitches," explained Burgamy. His eye at the plate is still good and he's posted a career on-base percentage (.339) that is nearly 100 points higher than his career average (.246). The walks have been great, but looking back on his 2003 season, one San Diego scout explained "He got himself on base. His on base percentage was 100 points better than his batting average, which you can never go wrong there. If his batting average was .250 then you really couldn't go wrong. His batting average was in the .220's and the on base .330."

Since Burgamy doesn't have a full season of AA ball under his belt, it's likely that he'll wind up at AA Reading, although a ticket to AAA Scranton wouldn't be out of the question. "I really have no idea, because I haven't heard from the Phillies yet," said Burgamy. "The Padres called me after the draft and told me that the Phillies had taken me, so I'm expecting to hear from the Phillies sometime soon." Since he doesn't even know where he'll be playing geographically, Burgamy has no idea where he'll be hitting in the order, but again, he doesn't really care. "No matter where you hit, there are certain things that you've got to do to be successful," explained Burgamy. "I just try to make contact, get on base and go from there."

Brian Burgamy's career stats


Eugene (A)

9 43 .268 70 261 44 70 17 1 14 38 64 .361

Ft.Wayne (A)

4 35 .222 130 455 69 101 20 2 17 78 98 .335

Lake Elsinore (A)

1 18 .268 38 123 16 33 5 0 1 11 22 .328

Ft.Wayne (A)

0 4 .233 16 60 10 14 7 0 3 7 13 .309

Lake Elsinore (A)

7 40 .295 59 234 43 69 12 4 4 25 47 .363

Mobile (AA)

2 15 .199 56 176 15 35 6 2 2 27 45 .305
TOTALS 23 155 .246 369 1309 197 322 67 9 41 186 289 .339

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